Batteries not included

What is a beauty, when it’s only skin deep?

The truth is – there is no beauty

After time it dissipates – what’s left is the ugliness

That lie’s deep inside, displeasing to the minds eye


Tell me your position

Why your head is so high

Your arrogance breeds contempt

And you’re oblivious to see

You’re no better than the next or even me


You surround yourself with fake

And are foolish to make the mistake

That true friends can be bought

(I shake my head at the thought!)


If you took a second

For a breath of fresh air

Stand up walk around

Use the magnitude of your mind


You live amongst brambles

Cut off from the sun

Stumbling over rocks & thorns

You get yourself stung

You sewed your own seeds

Now you must lie in your bed

A bed of brambles, unforgiving

They tear you to shreds


So tell me what good is beauty

When the rest is dead


It’s lifeless, useless –

Like a toy on Christmas day, with “batteries not included”



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