I know I really shouldn’t

I don’t know why I do it

It happens all the time

It doesn’t make me feel better

So why do I waste my time?


I know I really shouldn’t

But its simply to escape

I want to feel the heaviness

Lift and dissipate


I want a drink from the bottle

I want to taste the bite

It eases what I feel

Numbs for me for a night


Ah – the relief as it seeps into my soul

But it fools me

As it pulls me deep within


Once I’m there it’s a different world

Suspended  I’m unaware of time

Not happy nor sad

I merely am


Wakeup, wakeup

I shake myself inside


I hate it in the morning

My guts turned upside down


Why’d I have to drink so much

I do this all the time


I wish I hadn’t drank

It messes with my person

And confuses my mind


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