Lucas Lara & Billy Bears Adventures


“BOO” said Billy the bear as he leapt out of the cupboard to give Lucas a scare!  Lucas jumps with surprise as he turns to see Moma holding Billy, his newest friend from nursery a soft and cuddly teddy bear.

They were playing a game around the house, similar to hide and seek but with a twist.  One person would run off pick a place to hide and as quiet as a mouse standing as still as a statue would WAIT until their friend was close enough to leap out and scare!  Now this was one of Lucas’ favourite games and only occasionally did he jump in the air usually his reply would be to give a bellowing roar “BRAaaaaaaaa” as though he were a dinosaur.  It was Billy’s turn to be surprised as he hadn’t expected such a startling reply!


Bounding down the hall Lucas runs to hide its Billy’s turn to seek his friend, where will he find him can anyone guess?  Paws covering both eyes Billy counts to ten then off he sets in Moma’s arms in search of his jovial friend.  Looking around he listens hard as he checks the kitchen and behind the door, no one there or to be seen how about checking the washing machine!?!  Moma whispers in Billy’s ear let’s check the living room or under the stairs, but still nothing where could Lucas be, lets try the bedroom and then we’ll see.  Not under the bed or between the sheets, then suddenly Billy see’s the cupboard door slightly ajar SO on his tippy toes he creeps toward the open door but before he can get any closer out bounces Lucas with a deafening roar “BRAaaaaaa!!”  Throwing his arms around the bear they fall to the floor without a care, laughing and giggling, rolling and tickling there fun times together are just beginning.


Into the living room Lucas runs trailing Billy behind to continue the fun.  First the mini trampoline, “weeeeeee…” whoops Lucas in mid air as he wiggles here and wiggles there.  Then for some dancing as they step to the floor, moving his feet from side to side, shaking his bottom while swinging his arms way up high!  Billy bear was in the air, flying with tail up and his head down, paws covering his eyes.  Lucas takes Billy by the arms to spin him around and around and around.  Dizziness setting in both boys tumble to the ground out of breath and needing a second for a rest.  Just in time Moma comes in with juice and a snack, proudly sitting Billy in his chair Lucas grabs an extra seat as both get tucked in, delighted with the treats.  Not sure what bears eat Moma made a mixture, oatmeal cookies with cheese, apple and grapes on the side.  “Mmmmm” Lucas smiles as they all chat while eating their tasty snacks.  Soon though its time for the boys to take an afternoon nap.


As Moma tucks them into bed Lucas rubs his eyes, yawns and scratches his head, pulling Billy close for cuddles and a kiss.  They drift off to sleep to dream of adventure in magical places, perhaps magical kingdoms with fairies, trolls and princesses, Moma knew though there would always be adventures with a special magical teddy called Billy Bear…


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