Lucas Lara with Franklin the Turtle

“Quack, quack…” says a near by duck, Franklin hides in Lucas’ hood, “squawk, squawk…” chirps a bird to the other side.  The birds and ducks flap and shake their wings waddling as they make their way to the shreds of bread being given away.  Franklin peeks up and out of Lucas’ hood, encouraged by the excited sound of laughter as he continues to fling the bread all around.  Lucas loves to feed the birds that’s why he has brought Franklin to the duck pond, no better is there a place to bring such a special friend.  Lucas skips and hops while the birds swoop and fly all around, diving to the ground here and there, quickly snapping up pieces of bread that they are happily being feed.


Some geese gather off to the side and wait patiently for some of the bread that is joyfully being thrown around.  Watching as the bread floats through the air, right, left and high up into the sky.  Franklin whispers in Lucas’ ear, points over with a smile and motions for Lucas to share, not much left but still a little to spare.  Taking the couple of pieces and without fear Franklin feeds the geese.  Lucas whoop, whoops, cheers, clicking the camera and capturing a picture of another of Franklin’s adventures.


With the bread all gone Moma and Lucas take Franklin on a walk around the pond.  One, two, three…. WHOOSH goes Franklin up, up and into the air as Lucas and Moma swing their special friend!   Giggles of laughter gush and rush from Lucas’ mouth as this is another favourite thing he is sharing with Franklin.  It’s not long before they all laugh and giggle their way down the path and around the pond, meeting lots of hungry birds along the way.  Lucas explaining as he goes “not today birds we’ve given all our bread away but we promise to come back another day and we’ll bring more bread you’ll be glad to hear!”

Beaming with joy he takes Franklin into his arms for a huge hug before jumping into the Momas car.  On the way home Lucas shares a packet of crisps with Franklin as both their tummies rumble, it seems feeding birds, hopping, skipping and jumping is very hungry work!


Back at home its time for bed, they each wash their faces, hands and brush their teeth not yet wanting to go to sleep.  But Moma explains “you need to rest you don’t yet know what tomorrow will bring!”  Snuggling into his cosy sheets Lucas holds Franklin while Moma reads.  Slowly they drift off to sleep, dreaming of games still to be played, of delicious ice cream and new places to see.  Moma smiles knowing Lucas has enjoyed his first day with Franklin and that their cinema trip tomorrow will only add to their weekend adventures…



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