My good advice

Don’t hold on or get hung up

On false friends

Who offer advice

From their own regret

Wearing happy faces

That eventually change, twist and distort


Don’t choke on the daily smog

Let the sun shine bright

It’ll burn through

Correcting the little wrongs, to rights


Keep your head high

Hold on to belief in you

You’re the only one

who’ll ALWAYS get you through

Unchanged, un-swayed

True unto you


Understanding ~

You’ll never have to pay

The price of “if onlys” too high

Out of reach and control

Like turning back the hands of time

On that old grandfather clock


Vultures of life

Of circumstance

Societies and circles

Are waiting to feed, nourish themselves

On what makes you successful and true


So ~

Make yourself happy

While being mindful of others

And though you may stumble

Over the cracks of life

[As we all do]

Be swift, don’t hesitate

To simply pick yourself up


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