One Life One Love

One Life One Love, what does it mean?

It will no doubt come to mean many things for many people but for Natalie Nyree the founder and creative mind behind this adventurous idea it encompasses care, attention and freedom for people with mental health issues.


Natalie could never have imagined that a single telephone conversation with her mother would stir up such feelings of helplessness, the key motivation for the beginning of One Life One Love.  Unable to support her family from where she lived and worked in London as an aspiring singer/songwriter, Natalie decided enough was enough both her mother and father needed more care and support than they were receiving.


Having experienced the effects of mental health issues on family life Natalie has come to realise her family and the community she grew up in needs a new treatment facility that offers a range of innovative therapies, help for depression and a variety of mental health illnesses.  This clinic will also double as an animal rescue centre “why?!” you ask, quite simply because animal assisted therapies [AATs] have been and are being proven in some cases to have miraculous benefits in treating mental health patients.  Natalie believes that we are as healing for animals as they are for us so to combine the two on this venture seems essential to the magic.


This is at the core of Natalie’s vision in caring and providing a treatment facility, respite and day care environment that will cater for patients ranging in age and condition.  Along with AAT being implemented Natalie hopes to see patients having more options with regard to their treatments, mixing modern day medicines with complementary alternative medicines [CAMs] for example looking at herbal remedies, looking at patients nutrition  or supplements. Taking it back to natural is key.


With the simple things in life often making a huge difference Natalie fore sees a clinic that will establish a sense of self-worth and rehabilitate patients through enjoyable and inspiring activities such as creative classes in craft or baking to provide produce for an on-site café for patients and the public, planting vegetables, herbs or tending to the animals. Sometimes just having a sense of belonging and a reason to get up in the morning, to be needed or appreciated is simply all we need to be happy.  At One Life-One Love our patients will have the option of being an important and vital part of the everyday running’s of the centre or alternatively can sit back, relax and enjoy our alternative therapies which will include yoga, reiki, crystal healing, meditation, tai chi, acupuncture, reflexology, massage, various aromatherapies and exercise.  As well as resident and guest speakers leading workshops geared toward motivation encouraging a sound knowledge of understanding and an acceptance of self. Most importantly highlighting a pathway of support that will always be available for our patients and their families making their journey in life a brighter one.


Reaching out to people has become second nature to Natalie in her own search for understanding of self.  Visualising a peaceful sanctuary for mental health patients will lead Natalie to put herself out on the edge of life taking part in various extreme sports, hosting her own promotional events and even boxing competitively.  Her quest knows no bounds as she races to raise money and open a charity retail outlet which will contribute to the bigger picture of opening a new treatment facility, well being and rescue centre where the possibilities are endless.


Please follow Natalie’s journey, help support her cause and get in contact if you think you have something positive to contribute.  You can follow her progress on this website, her Facebook or Twitter pages.


written by Sarah R Docherty


for Natale Nyree



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