Walsh Visa Program informal speech

Thought I’d share this, was an interesting time in my life, learned a great deal and the experience made me grow up 😀
I had the pleasure of meeting a Congressman and I remember thinking he looked how I imagined a movie star would appear, think I was overwhelmed! Below is a short speech I was asked to write and present at an informal gathering on behalf of Walsh Visa participants;
The Irish and American Partnership has worked to support development projects throughout Ireland [North and South] since 1988. This of course has proven invaluable to many young people in Ireland,
however I was unaware the extent in which you [Congressman Walsh] are actively involved in this development.
Having been honored with awards such as Flax Trust Award 1997, Bobby Sands Award 1998, Ellis Island Medal of Honor 2002. Of course prestigious as these awards are I’m sure none hold a candle next to this certificate I have for you…
Without further a do I’d like everyone to join me in a toast;
Congressman Walsh, on behalf of participants past and present I would like to congratulate you for having the vision and insight to create a program that has paved the way for a fresh approach to a new way of life, Cheers!

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