A passive voice – just a thought for today

How interesting WordPress keeps suggesting that I have a passive voice, EH??!? [I say in a thick Northern Irish accent] And I sense  after using Wiki [WE’re all, always learning, right??] that it’s frowned upon, apparently George Orwell [see Politics and the English language] discouraged the use of it. “Oh dear” I say to myself, as though this would alter how I see the world around me or choose to translate it into words…


What the heck is wrong with a passive voice I ask myself, although I’m pretty sure there’s a clue in the phrase, passive perhaps.  I don’t have a problem with how I put my words together and I’m relatively sure the blogging community has either not caught on to me and/or it’s not something that bothers them.


Even though the ‘subject denotes the person affected by the action of the verb’  lets take passive on its own, makes me think of a softer voice, quieter even than the norm, not that ‘normal’ exists in this day and age!  But you’ll know what I mean by the norm, what society says is acceptable, I think however we’ve all got to the point where we shout [metaphorically speaking] because if you want to get anywhere in life, you’ve got to be bigger, better and brighter than the next person.  Socially we support people being brash and outlandish, apparently it entertains a large percentage of us, but does the majority rule?


Passive can mean lot’s of different things to people, English word meaning; inactive, asleep, when applied to science or genetics it takes on a different face, wears a different coat, walks another path.  It can refer to the association between the genotype a child inherits from her parents and the environment in which the child is raised, very interesting [I think]…


It’s unfortunate when applying the word to people it seems to take on a somewhat negative connotation.  Ok, I agree passive-aggressive isn’t a great stage of life to find yourself or have to work through but what about passive personalities?  It seems to me that socially we’re being directed to a place that bigger, better, louder, lets shout to get what we want is the right destination, hmmmm… I don’t agree.


Will all the passive people please stand up, please stand up, please stand up, Yes this could be a new number one hit for Eminem 🙂  but seriously now, isn’t it time to focus on our quiet voices, haven’t we all done enough shouting, kicking and screaming I realise there are different stages in life and we all have to work through a variety of experiences.  Don’t you ever find yourself drawn to that quiet person, they seem to shine brightly, you don’t understand why because they haven’t done anything amazing.   Is it maybe the case, we’re all being taught that what appears to be AMAZING isn’t amazing at all?

A person should never allow themselves to be walked over, treat yourself with kindness and others will follow suit.

There ‘s a quiet voice and a louder voice, I’ve now decided it isn’t always the louder voice that wins…


sd 8/7/12



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