Bruja 1

I’m still throwing titles around in my head, the change in titles might be a little confusing until I settle on a name I like, sorry! 🙂

This is an idea that I’m working on at the moment, my format isn’t great as I had wanted to write this as a tv series but it is taking on more of a novel style, I’m just going with the flow to see where it takes me, enjoy! 🙂

Episode/Chapter 1 – A little understanding goes a long way

Prologue – 2010

There was something missing, this couldn’t be what life was about, she didn’t know anymore… “What don’t you know?”  An inner voice plagued her, she was losing the ability to shut it out as she’d done for so many years, friend or foe she really didn’t know but it had caught up with her once again.

Emily had been drinking her troubles away, a broken heart never hurt anybody she wasn’t hurt she wasn’t anything, just numb, pleasantly numb.  She’d cried herself out tear tracks lined her face, damp cheeks against a spring breeze.  He’d changed her though, what should she do now that she wasn’t the same person?  Drinking never helped she was trying to get off it, baby steps.  Couldn’t be good if it continuously lead a person to mass hysteria, cry me a river taking on a completely new meaning!  It was her birthday though she had to celebrate, picking the pieces up tomorrow was a given.

Mind racing her thoughts had come full circle, she began to look for a silver lining, wasn’t all bad she supposed, LIFE, the something that was missing always seemed to save her, strange concept.  She felt as though she was meant for more the missing something fuelled her, she couldn’t settle for the white pitch fence, a husband and 2.5 children, that was illusion in her world.  Settling didn’t sit well with Emily, normal didn’t come in her size, sensing she had further to travel, something told her she’d be ok, an inner voice. A light wind danced at her back as though to encourage support this theory, the [missing] something had her back, what a quaint notion, Emily smirking at her own absurd naivety… Sensing something else in her gut she swiftly bounced off her door step and round the side of the house to vomit down a gratin’. Reality had a sobering affect, she decided she wouldn’t look back anymore or down at this point, wiping her mouth with the back of her sleeve she stood up as best she could.  She’d had enough of being afraid making her way to the front door she held her head a little higher, something within renewing a small amount of hope.  That was all she needed, hope, like a candle flame caught in a draft it flickered, Emily was ready to dance…

Cut to

Emily loved people watching, she sat on the green lawn out front of the city hall.  It was a mild September’s day not hot by any means but the sun was shining this was as sure a thing as any to bring the people out.  Out of offices, cafés, shops and even known to pull students from their beds.  Belfast could be a grand place, with beautiful buildings, it had a charm all of its own, a unique history.  The people were characters and renowned for their craic, however not enough of them realized what Emily sensed all around her now.  A happy buzz filled the air as people laughed and smiled, they were all as unique as the history and buildings that surrounded them.

There are stages of awareness [you know] just as there are stages of life, some people were vaguely aware of their capabilities but had no idea how to live to their fullest potentials.  Other peoples’ gifts lay dormant, in active, in wait timing is everything some might say, triggered by an epiphany or simply meeting like minded people.  Then there are those among us who are completely aware using, manipulating the unaware and naïve for personal gain.  Emily believed she could sense the difference in people it was a natural gift, watching their body language it spoke volumes of thought.  She was still learning it had only been a short while since she began to accept who she really was, a certain amount of peace came with such decisions but there are always consequences.  Watching everyone around her, picking out the innocent from the worldly, the true confidence in a person from the faking it til you make it, one of her personal favourites; the good girl/boy from the rebel on high.  Leaning back on her hands now, letting her head roll to the nape of her neck, face pointing up to the sky, she squints against the sun light.

Emily smiles to herself, today was the type of day that made her feel less lonely, pausing in the moment, she basks in the warmth of the sun.  Recharging her energy lying flat on her back, palms upright, eyes closed, sinking into the grass.  Feeling everything around her the movement of people, sound of the traffic, rustle of the leaves in the trees and the birds high above her in that bright blue sky.

Sensing someone next to her Emily loses focus but remains as she is on the lawn, in a meditative stance, this someone seems to lean toward her now.  Feeling crowded she throws open her eyes, while bringing herself up abruptly, leaning back on her elbows and looking over to whomever is blocking her sun light.  “Uhhh, Ummm, sorry I thought you were someone… I mean, thought you looked like someone I know… sorry, sorry to disturb you” Emily with blank face, mouth slightly open, confused by the nervous, mumbling, fidgeting fella sat next to her.  She didn’t know what to make of him, tall and broad with it, dark hair, crystal blue eyes, classically attractive with a strong jaw line, strange that such a big fella would come across so nervy.  “Don’t worry about it, I was nearly finished anyway…” trailing off while speaking calmly in the hope she would come across friendly.  “My names Ryan, think we’re at the same campus College Square?” managing a confident delivery he extends his hand as way of introduction.  Hesitating a second Emily stares at his hand absent mindedly, catching herself now she whips up her hand without extending it but waves at Ryan instead, wiggling her fingers and smiling warmly for added zest.  He returns the same simple casual wave with a smile, Emily notices he seems to relax a little, leaning back now on his elbows also, mirroring her stance this making Emily move to sit up right as Ryan stumbles his way over a casual conversation.  She didn’t like people mirroring her, made Emily suspicious, feel uncomfortable as though they were trying to side step her defenses.  As much as Emily had learned about her gifts there was still lots to know, also her gifts came with limits.  A loop hole if you like, her foresight was hindered by people she had a natural connection to and on the rare occasion found herself completely blinded by people she had a romantic inclination toward, which she found ironic as they say love is blind!

Emily let Ryan ramble on while she took note of the some finer details, he seemed to have a light positive energy he wasn’t an ‘emotional vampire’, which was a huge relief as she had been trying to avoid them more recently, having had her fill over the summer.  He appeared strong in spirit, quietly confident however this could merely be a projection, he was making good eye contact which she felt signified a decent level of self assurance.  Nice jeans and trainers, laughter filled her head, “What!?!” she spoke inwardly to herself, “I don’t pretend to be perfect some type of shallow regression is inevitable…” speaking to her subconscious all the while [that inner voice].  Making eye contact for a second with Ryan and smiling Emily runs her eyes down to his shoulders and can’t help but check out his arms then lastly the hands.  Bringing her attention and focus back to the conversation, just in time she picks up his last sentence, he’s looking at her now as if to say “well what do you think”.  “I agree its better to get out for lunch the range of food in the canteen isn’t great, its ok for a snack or something….And hey it’s too nice a day to be stuck in doors” there she thought that should do it, he hadn’t noticed she wasn’t listening!  He looked a bit perplexed for a second gazed at her and smiled, shaking his head slowly for a moment or two.

Before Emily could ask what the head shaking was about, “Ryannnnn…” a high pitched howl from behind, just then a blonde prances toward them not looking very amused.  “There you are, I thought we were going to get lunch together..” at this the blonde looks Emily up and down.  You could say they were complete opposites, Emily was brunette, 5’3, short hair, unassuming, wore non descript clothes not fashionable or unfashionable.  This blonde 5’8, long locks had all the latest names hanging from her body as though she were a walking advert for Abercrombie, Ralph Lauren, Gucci and so on.  Ryan turns to Emily “This is Lucy… Lucy this is… ummm well you didn’t tell me your name?!” Ryan adds while wearing a wry smile she entertained him, he found her curious, amusing even.  “Oh right, yes my name is Emily, nice to meet you..” Emily laughs lightly lifts her hand and waves at Lucy then gives Ryan another wave.  Lucy cuts in quickly taking all of Ryan’s attention, allowing Emily to get a sense of her not that it would take long, Lucy clearly wasn’t as confident as she pretended.  Using her highly priced accessories to hide behind she was completely blocking Emily’s energy, having turned her body side ways, moving away from Emily as much as possible.  Lucy’s body was angled toward Ryan while she played with her long golden strands and smiled sweetly, “phah” Emily thought, “fakin’ it til she makes it” she shouldn’t label or judge it would only come back to her, she should look for the good in people, easier said than done sometimes!

Emily realised their conversation had finished Lucy was looking at Ryan, Ryan was looking at Emily and she was still looking up at Lucy.  Aware now of Ryan’s fixed gaze she snaps back to reality, Emily turns to him as he announces “Well it was great to meet you Emily, maybe see you around campus…” “nice to meet you…both also” its Emily’s turn to stumble over her words.  At this he gets up takes Lucy’s hand which has been waiting for his mid air.  They dander off, Emily hears Lucy whisper “did you see how she was staring at me…” half looking back over her shoulder.  This didn’t bother her in the slightest Emily was too busy checking out Ryan’s tight bubble butt, how it moved underneath his jeans… “STOP” she spoke to herself trying to rein her mind in before it wandered too far.  Yet another variable she had become aware of, we all send out waves of thought, to the universe, mother earth if you like, all having the ability to change and effect the people around us as we are all connected.  “Note to self, my senses have been compromised…” she smirks, letting the seriousness of the statement roll off her back.

Bouncing up brushing the grass off her bottom and back she starts back to college, it was first week of term there would be plenty more people to meet.  She usually kept to herself but deciding on a new tactic she planned to put herself out there.  Girls her own age didn’t bother much, Emily found she usually befriended guys and older women.  She would try to change that this year, no use in deluding herself though it wouldn’t be easy, people generally sense when a person thinks differently.  If there’s one person who doesn’t laugh along with the crowd, agree with the general flow of conversation or wear the right amount of in vogue labels they were pushed to the outer edge of the social circle if not booted out completely.  Emily had done her time bought the t-shirt at being part of the ‘in’ crowd, she was always the quiet one though and so found herself continuously on the outer edge of the circle.  Travelling had taught her a lot but most importantly she had begun to accept herself and become comfortable in her own skin.

Showing her face in class after lunch was merely strategic, Emily liked to get a sense of the teachers and have a nosey for new faces.  She’d a feeling she was going to meet someone around her own age, just then a blonde walks casually through the open classroom door, mentions her name briefly to the teacher and pulls up a chair in front of Emily.  Cropped blonde hair, she had a rock chic look, about 5’6, R glass figure seeming to exude a vibrant cool energy.  All the guys in the room suddenly sit up straight, all trying to look without really looking, made Emily grin broadly.  Only glimpsing this girl’s face, she had a girl next door quality Emily was bowled over by the bubbly vibe oozing from her.  Images begin to flood Emily’s conscious, getting a sense now of this girl next door, Emily felt she could read her as though an open book.  Pictures in her mind tell a tale of partying, drinking, dancing, laughing, make up, break ups, she likes to be liked by guys or girls regardless of her interests in them.

Cut to

Cara grabs Emily’s hand leading her to the top of the queue, speaks to the door man for a second and in they both go, into Thompson’s Garage the late night place to be Thursday nights apparently.  Emily stays close while Cara moves effortlessly through the hoards of people, swinging her hips, dancing as she goes.  At the bar she high fives the bar man introduces Emily “this is my new friend, we take the same class in college…” the guy nods his head and smiles.  “Jack and coke for me, please..” Cara smiles sweetly and bats her eye lashes ever so slightly, turning to Emily “you are gona have a drink right?!?” she questions Emily “Nah, I’m good at the minute maybe I’ll have a shot later…” Emily had already explained she rarely drank if at all, but assured Cara it didn’t stop her from having a dance or a good time.  “Lets have a boogey..” Emily encourages, she liked nothing more than to get on the dance floor and shake her ‘thang’ having been a club dancer Emily didn’t require Dutch courage.  Cara beamed a contagious broad grin revealing perfect pearly white teeth, “for sure, head to the dj box I wanna chat to Sam…” off they bounced through the crowd, throwing their arms in the air in time with the music.  Cara redirects Emily to a large speaker by the dj box, they jump up Cara waves over to Sam, making her presence known, feeling the energy of the room Emily loses herself to the beat.  Spinning this way and that, Cara steadies herself placing a hand either side of Emily’s waist, they dance in time, they’d been out since seven starting at Cutters Wharf, Belfast was hiving with happy people on account of the good weather.  Just then a bouncer appears at Cara’s side, takes her arm pulls her down to whisper in her ear, Emily thinks perhaps they aren’t allowed to dance on the speaker but continues moving while trying not to stare, aware of Cara nodding in response to what was being said.  Turning now to Emily Cara beckons her down and points across the club, “aren’t we allowed on the speaker to dance?” Emily offers “Oh no people aren’t allowed up on the speaker but I kind’a get away with it” Cara giggles, Emily senses she loves the special treatment “Nah, I’ve been seeing the owner off and on, he wants a chat, think he’s having a party tonight, come with me..” at this she pulls Emily through the crowd and to a door, barely visible at one side of the bar.

“How do I look?” Cara asks as she adjusts her boobs underneath her top adds lip gloss, before Emily can answer Cara knocks on the door, it opens slightly after a second or two out steps a man in a suit.  Emily steps back to create some distance, this guy hasn’t noticed her as yet, he’s about 5’9, she can’t see his face at first but he seems charming, stylish in a player kind of way.  Feeling a little uncomfortable Emily moves back a little more turns to the side and leans her back against the wall, able to look out around the club.  She isn’t close enough to get a good sense of this guy the noise in the club is a little distracting so Emily tries to scan him instead.  Checking if she can read his aura, if she can see the colour she might be able to gauge his intentions, it was difficult as she was trying to be subtle and not stare.   Clearing her mind she concentrates on the small quiet space immediately around her, breathing evenly she casts another eye over Cara’s guy, a second or two pass Emily loses focus as some drunk bloke bumps her, luckily he doesn’t have a drink in his hand, “hey gorgeous..” he slurs at Emily, his eyes were like piss holes in the snow, not a huge compliment that he would chat her up, he moves to place a hand on her arm, Emily blocks him “Sod off, would ya..” he give her an egotistic smirk and waddles off, “thank fuck for small mercies” Emily mumbles to herself.  Focusing again she runs her eye over the suit, black and gold, she was seeing black and gold emanate from Cara’s fella.  Kissing ensues between the two and it was clear Cara was quite taken by this guy, the energy exchange/body language was quite interesting, both acting cool in their own way they seemed to move around each other, barely touching other than to kiss, like a type of polarity in action he had her up against the wall now while resting his arm next to her.  Emily senses him turn at this point and assumes Cara has mentioned her as a friend, he kisses her once more and steps back through the door.  Cara enthusiastically makes her way to Emily “So we have a party to go to, I’m so excited..” she exclaims grinning from ear to ear, Cara’s energy has been super charged. “I better hydrate a bit lets get some water, don’t want to be too pissed!!” Cara giggles, as she half skips/bounces over to the bar.

Cut to

Emily stands with Cara before an expensive looking front door, [it leads to a penthouse apartment at Custom Square] they’ve both been laughing and giggling on the way up from the ground floor, but find themselves staring silently at this large solid wood door “have you been here before?” Emily half whispers “No, we’ve always went to my place… looks posh doesn’t it!” Cara replies in a low tone, Emily looks over to her new friend and senses someone feeling out of their depth, made Emily wonder just how well did Cara know this guy, what was she getting herself into that would make her feel out of her depth.  Emily lifts an arm and knocks the door three times, wishing she had just rung the bell as her knuckles sting a little  “Ugh…” she thinks as she rubs the back of her hand.  No response, they both look at each other and lean in, pressing their ears to the door, something was going on in there, muffled music was just audible.  Both unaware at the same moment there is a confused guy on the other side of the door peering through the peep hole, unable to see anyone he swings the door open.  Neither expecting this Emily and Cara both stumble through the door way and into the random guy, hitting him all at once waist level, he in turn loses his balance stumbling backwards trying to catch himself and the two girls.  His efforts are in vain as they end up on top of each other, Emily’s glad she didn’t wear a dress, laughter and rip roaring cheers erupt from what she assumes is the living room. “Sorry about that” she smiles broadly at the guy she’s squashing, “no problem..” he manages in a breathless gasp, lifting herself up Emily pretend curtsy’s to her audience.  She hears Cara giving off in a light manner to the buff fella they both fell into, he laughs at Cara’s girly giggles while he helps her up.  “Thank goodness you didn’t have a drink in your hand Gareth” Cara straightens herself before looking up and around “Whoop, whoop, you all know how much I like to make and entrance HA HA HA!!!” Cara belts out, she knows a lot of people here as most are from the club or frequent visitors.

“That’s my girl” Emily is standing face to face with the 5’9 man, she can see now he has fair hair, a lean athletic build with green eyes that weren’t a bit shy.  Having flung one arm around Cara’s neck, he pulls her in and kisses the side of her head, in a who’s ‘my girl’ manner, smiling at Emily there was no doubt he was completely aware, switched on.  “Emily, this is Blake, Blake this is Emily we go to class together” he extends his hand not taking his eyes off Emily “pleasure Emily” his words are smooth and sweet, as honey runs off the back of a hot spoon, he oozes charm.  Perhaps this is why Cara feels out of her depth, Emily wasn’t entirely sure she had the confidence to negotiate a relationship with Blake.  “Feel free to grab a drink Emily, please make yourself at home” he points over to the kitchen, and adds “hey Gareth will you help Emily get a drink” looking back at Emily he smiles encouragingly “oh and feel free to look around…” then announces to the people behind her “Everyone this is Emily, Emily this is everyone” various hello’s hi’s sound out from the thirty odd people gathered, Emily looks at Cara then back to Blake and thanks him.  Turning she’s met by Gareth and follows him to the kitchen.  She loves the modern vibe of the penthouse, glass from ceiling to floor she looks out over the Lagan.  “Amazing views, right..” Gareth has a deeper voice, about 5’8, broader than Blake more of a muscle gym body, brown styled hair, brown eyes, with an earthier energy in comparison to Blake, didn’t make Emily trust him though.  “Yeah the views are great, different perspective altogether!” Emily replies casually, trying to hide pensive thoughts suddenly bubbling to the surface.  This type of life style reminded her of Anthony her first love he had shown her a life full of luxuries something she had never known, only ever dreamed of.  She knew how seductive this life style could be, expensive places, tastes, dresses and jewellery, what more could a girl want or need?  “Hey, did you hear me, Emily you want a drink?” Gareth’s voice brings Emily out of her daydream looking around “Oh sorry I was daydreaming” shooting him a bubbly smile and laughing lightly she tries to cover the dip in her mood and infuse some energy into the exchange, “well I don’t know, what do you have” flirting a little she walks toward Gareth, one drink wouldn’t hurt, she needed to relax forget, but she shouldn’t lose control there was always a fine line.  Sensing he likes how this was playing out Emily flirts a little more, poking him in the ribs lightly and giggling, he pokes her back “less of that young lady, I might have to take you in hand HA HA HA!!” he manages to laugh in a deeper tone than what he speaks which amuses Emily, he sets up some drink choices and there it is her old friend, Bacardi.  Thinking into herself she could manage one for old times sake “Bacardi diet coke with fresh lime if you have it” lifting the drink to her lips she smells the lime before it hits her taste buds “Mmmmm, that’s good thanks” Emily sinks into herself relaxing she begins to sway to the music playing from the living room.

A number of people leave, a select group are still left partying, Cara sits on Blake’s lap over in the far corner of the penthouse, chatting and kissing.  Two girls get up on a table in the middle of the room and begin to dance together, light heartedly moving and shaking their hips in time to the music.  As the music changes they begin to move together sliding their bodies up and down each other in rhythm, having obviously danced together before, some of the guys cheer in approval.  Taking this as encouragement the girls begin to kiss, one slowly runs her hand the length of the other girl’s body.  Both taking their tops of now, the cheers sound out again, they don’t hesitate lips locked wearing only bra and skirts now, they drop to their knee’s on top of the table, groping one another each of their hands undoing the others bra, a louder cheer erupts, each girl swings the others bra above her head.  Emily and Gareth turn from the kitchen interested in what has evoked such an enthusiastic response from the guys.  There is also a couple enjoying the show, kissing and touching on the sofa.  At this the girls resume kissing one slips her hand underneath the other girls skirt Emily would hazard a guess that this was their party piece!  Gareth is out of his seat and over, has a quiet word with two of the guys, he then tells the girls to put their clothes on the party’s over.  Emily glances over to Cara and Blake, he is not visibly shocked or amused by the show, perhaps this was merely an innocent exchange to Blake giving her the impression this display was tame in his eyes.  He whispers in Cara’s ear she nods with a smile, Blake waves to Gareth who makes his way to where they’re sitting, glances over to Emily while they chat, Gareth nods.  Cara waves briefly to Emily before disappearing into what she assumes is the bedroom Blake follows. Gareth finishes getting rid of everyone and makes his way to Emily who is still sitting sipping her drink in the kitchen.  “Sorry you had to see that, hope you haven’t gotten the wrong impression, we’re not into those type of parties, ya know..” Gareth seems sincere however Emily sensed quite the opposite from Blake.  She wondered if Gareth’s role was to smooth things over, Blake’s wing man so to speak, she didn’t know and hadn’t decided if it was really any of her business.

“I’ll just move some glasses to the kitchen then get you home” he smiles kindly, Emily soaks the smile up she’d take all the kindness she could get, still didn’t mean she trusted him.  Watching as he tidies, she sips on her drink enjoying every mouthful and can’t help but run her eyes over his body, he looked good took care of himself.  Walking toward Emily now Gareth notices her wondering eye, he smiles with ease clearly he was used to girls showing him attention but he carried a modest air along with his confidence which left Emily wondering how on earth he appeared to be so close to a man like Blake!?  Setting glasses beside her, she looks up from where she’s seated at the same moment that he looks down, thinking he has great hands she [mentally] switches off choosing to go with the flow, he bends toward her gently taking her head in his hands, locking eyes as they lock lips Emily drinks him up.  They kiss slowly at first, fervor increasing as the intensity builds, Gareth takes Emily by the hips and lifts her, she wraps her legs around his waist, he carries her to the window holds her mid air against the glass.  They take gasps of air in between kisses, Emily feels the coolness of the window at her back, feels her body react as Gareth runs his mouth along her neck, tracing the tip of his tongue the length of her throat.  Lifting his head they lock eyes again, after a moment or two Gareth manages “I… I should get you home…” Emily unwraps her legs as he lets her gently drop to the floor “Yeah, I should get home” she agrees smiling softly, not expecting anything from the exchange just thoroughly enjoying the moment, he returns the smile leaving them in the same place for a second or two.  Downstairs there is a taxi already waiting, “this is yours” Gareth opens the back door, Emily gets in closing the door behind her he leans in through the front passenger window “Ok Mac if you take Emily home and just put it on the club account” “Aye ok, well what about you Gareth?” Mac sounds confused if not a bit concerned “Don’t worry about me I’m grand” Gareth says goodbye to Emily steps back as the taxi drives off, she watches him for as long as he’s in sight smiling to herself thinking that was quite a good night!! “Can you take me to Dundonald Mac, thanks..”

Cut to


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