Artist Date 2 – Dreams to Dream

This week I find myself obsessively listening to The Prophet, read by Renu Setna.

At first I wasn’t comfortable, it made me a little uneasy felt as though I was back in church but when I let the repressed memories of Sunday school and youth church wash over me, I was able to cast a new ear on the words that were being spoken. Understanding we all take something different from creativity whether it be a song,  a book or a painting our perspectives unique to our experiences.

I was always a dreamer my school reports would read of a little girl who constantly day dreamed, a little girl who needed to ‘apply’ herself instead of gazing out of the classroom window, in a world of her own dreaming of dreams.  Throughout my early working life colleagues would comment when they found me smiling or laughing to myself usually wanting to be let in on the joke, of course there was no joke I was simply dreaming a little dream.

Life was frequently better lived in my head, I would speak and I would be understood.  Foot in mouth regularly experienced in the real world was never an issue in the world I created.  It wasn’t a place to dwell though, I would readily make people perfect, into things they were not only preparing a bed that I would unwillingly have to lay down upon.  Learning the hard way that people are allowed to be who ever they wish and not as I built them to be in my head.  Down the line I would experience the difficulty of people making me into something I was not, something that suited them but only caged me, the lesson had come full circle and it was up to me to heed the teachings.

Abandoning my day dreaming, it was time to be a serious grown up person.   Without realising it I spiraled into a world of material gain losing myself, to the serious side of life.   Filled with professional people full of self importance, eager as a lap dog I tried to fit in.   The shoe size wasn’t quite right, finding myself meant throwing out the sparkly things along with the bling!  Learning down the line they all have their place as I have mine.

Feeling that me, myself & yesterday have an understanding I’m quite comfortable answering questions that I could never have waffled my way through before now;

recently asked by a young man – What are you looking for in life now?

my reply – I’m looking for what everyone is looking for happiness, I might be slightly different from some people in that I realise it won’t come in the form of expensive shoes or the latest must have what’ya’ma’call it.

young man – Happiness, a family and someone to love to bits everyday!

my reply – is happiness a family and someone to love???!?
I think happiness is knowing yourself, family and someone to love is an undertaking best experienced in a content happy state of being, the mind is a delicate part of life.

I’m not at all sure I can bring myself to end on a serious note so I’ll have to try and make someone smile, prepare yourself though I have my mothers sense of humor on a bad day :/ BUT this isn’t a bad day, its nearly over is what it is tomorrow a clean slate.

Yeah so I keep getting these emails for 25% off Gossard Lingerie, the universe is trying to tell me I need new knickers ha ha, so I thought I’d share the code with you all… [whispering voice] come closer, a little closer still    ‘PROWL’

yes there we have it, go treat yourself to some new knickers or that special someone 😀

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love, light & healing

have a grand start to your week


sd 🙂


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