Worthy or Unworthy that is the question~


So I’ve been turning my short stories into scripts, what a process!!  All very interesting, time consuming but I’m enjoying the challenge.  Of course being creative creates creativity, new ideas come to me while I’m working which has lead to an extra script being put together.

Well I was set a task recently to write a journal of any third eye experiences, whatever I wrote in the journal would be discussed and used as a learning tool of potentials.

So I’m thinking and wondering as I always do, Third eye potentials – do YOU believe in them, popped into my mind.  And of course not everyone has a faith some people don’t believe in anything.  How do I explain something that doesn’t exist in other peoples heads, well I’m a creative writer shouldn’t be too difficult, right, what a fabulous challenge some of you might say!  Well it’s a little more difficult than what you might at first preceive it to be, we have social norms, phrases and words inbreed into our conscious minds, meanings for this and that.  Great thing about the youth today, yesterday or undoubtedly tomorrow is that they push boundaries, more now than ever before they create their own wording for the world around them.


Now as much as the artist in me loves this there is also the part of me that thinks “phah, any chance you could speak or WRITE better English, tut, tut” as I think or utter this closed minded statement I elude myself to how disgraceful my own spelling is 😀

None the less the language we once used is changing for the better or worse, is completely open to debate… Words that once held negative connotations are now used to describe something funny, we are literally turning the meaning of words up side down e.g a young person says “that is SO wrong” as they smile and laugh at a friend in support or encouragement.  People have the power to change their own language, sculpt it in a manner that suits them, however there is undeniably a default code of conduct within professional environments, a code very few of us escape.


– Third eye potential, do you believe in them;

I think its down to the perceiver, lets take rainbows, are they real?  Rainbows are an optical, meteorology phenonmenon caused by a reflection of light in water droplets, but is it there?

person x – It isn’t there if you’re not looking at it

person y – It is there you’re just not LOOKING at it

person z – you are both ‘right’ it is there but it isn’t, if a person wishes to view it or notice it through their busy day it’s there if not it’s nothing more than a meteorological phenonmenon.

[hey whether the leprechauns have left a pot of gold at the end of it is completely up to you all, I’m not touching that one with a big stick!!]

Ok lets stretch the envelope –

Can a person really communicate with a ghost, are there such things as ghosts?

Does an artist really have the ability to communicate with themselves in different parallel worlds in order to create great art and sell it for millions?

person x –  no there are no such things as ghosts and views the artist as crazy

person y – isn’t sure if there are ghosts or if there are parallel worlds but views the artist as talented, open minded thinking they must have a huge amount of mental discipline

person z – is open to energy that has not dissipated or ghosts and is intrigued by the artist moving to and from parallel worlds but wonders are they talking to themselves or just the universal power  within themselves

Well who is RIGHT and who is WRONG?

We all try to operate in a world so adamantly based on what is right or what is deemed wrong.

An argument ensues between two people, one is adamant they are right the other is open to a compromised resolution but person (a) feels the need to be RIGHT and that the conflict should be resolved, it should be decided, proven right or wrong!!

I have a question; having grown up with an unyielding character, isn’t a world based on right and wrong narrow minded, could we view our world differently?

So I wrote a knew story and when I was wondering about all of this earlier I thought of a piece of dialogue in the story;


[uncertain becoming annoyed]

 So my plans don’t matter, what I want for myself doesn’t matter?

 Liz fumes a bit waiting for a response.



Do you know what you truly want for yourself Liz..


 Or are you still living life by others expectations..


 And what indeed will it take to shake you from the bubble you live within, hiding yourself, your true ambitions and nature…


 Your plans laid to waste because they were not of true intention.  Your plans lay at your feet in pieces because they were not true to your hearts desire.


 Ask yourself then, what is it you truly want, stepping away from others perceptions of who or what you are.

 Liz stutters and blinks a couple of times.


[calm matter of fact]

  And how many unworthy decisions will you make yourself live through before you have the strength to listen to your hearts dreams.

 Liz silently gapes at the screen, thinking yet understanding instantly.


Hmmm… Worthy decisions, do you think if we made the best decisions for ourselves,

would we feel the need to live in a world dictated by  RIGHT and WRONG… I wonder,

I wonder a lot?


sd 🙂




5 thoughts on “Worthy or Unworthy that is the question~

      1. Well, life’s not a sprint!….It’s a marathon, and pacing ones’ self is important!! This is good though, as it gives us more time to enjoy the journey, and appreciate all that it has to offer!! 🙂 x

  1. Wow… deep stuff. But remember, character is action. You are what you do. In this world, anyhow. The you in the other worlds will watch and learn.

    1. I didn’t think it was that deep :-O
      just wondering about wondering…
      and I liked how some of the dialogue in the ‘working’ draft fitted with what I wanted to ramble about on wordpress!!! 😛 😛 😛
      potential is a funny thing, it’s all just pie in the sky until you do something about it 😉

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