Artist Date 5 – True intention

Ok I can’t hold it in until Sunday…

I feel like being really BOLD, what the hey it sort of feels like I’m speaking to myself when I post… well except when nice people ‘like’ my posts or leave a comment, reality kicks in at that point 😀

So I have a theory something I’ve slipped into conversations with friends, people who I know are opened minded.  Just to test the water, see if what my mind has conjured up is plausible to others, up to this point I only get confused looks.  This leads me to think I haven’t presented my theory in the best light.  And well all of my friends know that when I get excited about something I speak at warp speed, without breathing, I must have hidden gills on the side of my neck!! [Sssh don’t tell anyone]

Anyway, enough about my evolutionary genetics, moving on…

I believe all people, regardless of intellect or levels of awareness KNOW truth when they see it, taste it, touch it or hear it.  I think there is a rhythm or core issues that always strike a chord with the mass’ these core chords can literally be seen, touched, tasted and heard.

You might say well I can understanding seeing truth, we can all view justice or injustice in everyday issues on TV or in real life.  But tasting, touching or hearing truth what’s that about?

Tasting truth – you ever notice how different a homemade burger tastes from a processed McDonalds burger?  You buy the type of meat you prefer whether it’s extra lean mince, steak mince or vegan substitute.  Season it with some secret family ingredient or perhaps something you’ve saw Jamie Oliver throw together, I would be shocked if anyone actually had an honest argument that McDonald burgers taste better.  We can all appreciate a good home cooked meal made from scratch, doesn’t have to be expensive but you can taste when food has been made with true intention.  Intention for what exactly… intention for people to thoroughly enjoy putting fresh food into their bodies.

Have you ever noticed when you prepare food in a good mood it turns out better?  Delia Smith talks about light fingers when making pastry, I’m thinking how the heck do you naturally have light fingers!! I don’t have the answer I simply play my youtube favourites while bopping around the kitchen in between sifting flour and adding water.  Maybe it wouldn’t be too far fetched to say “we put energy into our food” so what we put in is what we get out.

Touching truth – you can always feel the difference between natural materials and a synthetic substitute, much like natural food opposed to processed crap.  If you are an artist, craftsman, consumer or user you know the quality of what you work with and there is no denying quality.  Quality is usually more expensive, it’s quite often made with purer ingredience or closer to it’s natural state.  Lets take wearing synthetic materials I don’t know if anyone else agrees but I’ve found they don’t let my skin breath, I’ve often settled for cheaper clothes well because they’re just that ‘cheaper’ but I always pay the price.  Often I’ve noticed my under arm and the rest of my body becomes stifled, sticky or uncomfortable.  With garments made from natural fibres my body usually has an easier time making it through the day in a comfortable state of being.

Let me define natural, 100% wool or cotton not accessories made from actual animals who have perished in a painful, torturous manner.

Hearing truth – We all have our own favourite style or genre of music, but what about those songs or pieces of music that transcend pop culture they make sense to all people, regardless of language or beat.  They make sense because you are listening to someone who has a gift whether singing or playing an instrument.  A direct channel to god or just a gate way to the other side of all things, it’s so powerful the hair’s stand up on the back of you neck, it moves you to stop whatever you are doing or thinking.  Pulling you in for however many minutes or seconds that gate way is open you happily escape, letting it wash over you.  Taking you away to a happier place where all things are brighter, kinder, easier…

We all have the ability to connect to that channel [god], open a gate way to all things [the universe] and with positive or negative intention we create our world.  Whether we are chefs, singers, clothes designers, customers, patrons, concert goers, mothers, fathers, brothers, daughters, nieces or nephews, we have the power of choice to act with good intention putting our energies, efforts into ALL things and it ripples out.

So what you say, big deal…

I like my Gap clothes regardless of who makes them.

I love my big mac meals after a heavy night out with the lads/girls.

And music well I just listen to what’s on the radio I don’t pick it.

Does any body wonder if we truly enjoyed our food, the clothes we wear or had more of a say on our life style, would we be any happier or create happiness around us?

If we asked our gran or mum to knit us a good old wool jumper or scarf for winter instead of paying for the latest synthetic look good style would we produce good intention, could you see gran feel useful, worthwhile…

Wonder if after a heavy night out if someone went to the shop bought free range eggs, fresh bread, put their money into local shops, had a laugh round the cooker in the kitchen with family/friends, would it be healthier in the long run, would it make life more pleasant…

What about music, if we stopped buying supporting artists who can’t sing would it make room for the many talented people who don’t ever get a break?!?

If we the consumer, the buyer, the normal average everyday person woke up and lived life with better intention, where would it put us?

Try it, yeah go on, I dare you..

Ok double dare you!


Clear your life of all ill intention, look at what you have left.

Most likely small nuggets of simplicities, work with them…

It’s not the winning or the losing, it’s how you play the game, usually you play the game with what you’ve got..


So make sure you play with the best of what you are, refine those things, work with good intention,

let me know how long it is before you can taste, touch, see and hear truth.

The truth of all things combined making up the rhythm of life… 

love, light and healing

[Patti be well]



One thought on “Artist Date 5 – True intention

  1. I typed out a reply, then my computer froze!!!….Grrrr!!!, anyway, I’ll try again!!
    Very well written, and very true!!!….Only thing I have a grudge with, is Jamie(endorse-anything-for-a-fiver)Oliver!!! 😦
    Truth is very important, no matter which way we sense it, and inward truth is the most important off all!!
    We should all buy the best ingredients we can afford; very true; but there’s one ingredient that makes all the difference, and it’s free!!! I use it in all my dishes, and quite simply, it is LOVE!!
    My music tastes are exemplary, and as far as my fashion…well, let’s say that it’s a quantem-leap back to the 70’s!!! I wear clothes ’till they fall off me…then I repair them, and wear again!!! LOL.
    Truth is, that the ‘truth’ hurts in this greedy, commercial, self-egotist world we find ourselves in, BUT, if we have that inner-truth, the love, the grace & style in our lives, then other’s ideas of ‘truth’, are purely academic!! 🙂 x

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