Artist Date 6 – Detachment

A friend gave me a pen drive with Stuart Wilde ‘reclaiming your infinite power’, if you haven’t heard of him he is a writer and lecturer some of his works include self empowerment, spirituality, Taoism etc.  Having my own teacher I was a little curious to hear how Stuart Wilde puts his perspective across.  I can’t help but giggle a bit only because he strikes me as a bit of car sales man, loud, a little brash but a very likable character all the same, of course I’m trying my hardest not to be judgemental, which is probably why I’m laughing to myself so much, I’ve quite clearly put him in box already!!

Please be assured once I finish listening to him I shall take him out of box, PROMISE, no Stuart Wilde’s will be harmed in the evolvement of my infinite self 😀

The manner in which he teaches is interesting but alien to me, this is neither right or wrong it just simply is.  I can’t seem to get away from how quickly he speaks, it sort of gives me a headache but I can’t deny he is conveying worldly truths, it confuses my brain!?!

This leaves me wondering, why…?

My teacher is just as direct and forthcoming with worldly truths, so what is it I dislike, what doesn’t sound correct to my ears? Is it tone, pitch, vibration, are we perhaps on different waves lengths or from different soul groups?  Hmmm would it matter, if my mind was processing truth would it matter what shape it came in, is my ego just stone walling my attempt at evolving myself?

It’s most likely all and none of the above, but I can hear Stuart Wilde’s commercial attractiveness, he has this energy that ZAPS you, very charismatic maybe that’s a reason why he speaks at the rant of knots that he does, feels like he’s on a roller coaster with a microphone!!

I can’t deny his recordings have already helped me, I’m only at 3 of 6 but I’ve realised I’m slipping back into attachment or  haven’t yet escaped it in certain areas of my life.  I find my emotions easily give way regarding my son, all very natural I’m sure you’ll agree but I’d have to admit there is nothing natural about wanting to jump on anyone who upsets him, I feel like a rattled rotweiller on a leash, a big moma bear someones poked too many times if the slightest whimper should slip through his lips!  Then a low steady voice breaks through from the other side assuring me that he’s quite capable of making trouble as well as getting himself out of trouble, this being part of his own journey and evolvement.

Leaves me thinking does it matter HOW we receive truth,

no I don’t suppose it does,

only that we are each receptive and open to be being OPEN…

Thank heavens we all have a choice,

thank heavens for my teacher and for yours 🙂

love, light and healing



5 thoughts on “Artist Date 6 – Detachment

  1. Very interesting…..brilliantly worded, and if I can be so bold to ask a few things; and give my ‘pennies-worth’??? Who is your teacher….are they a Mentor??
    How things are said, portrayed; wether be verbally, visually, mentally, or all of the above; is very important!!….We are all ‘Creatures of Emotion’…….well, some of us, and subltities like tone, context, and present, personnal emotions are VERY relevent at that time!!
    It’s great you don’t molly-cuddle “Jnr.,” …..’coz all kids can play-up…..BLESS!!!…..but, sure….if you need to be “Mama-Bear”, or “Lady-Rotweiller”…..then be so!!!!……We have to protect our nearest’n’dearest!!!…….NO-ONE can put you down for that!!! 🙂
    ….And as fa as receiving the ‘truth’…..well, as long as you can be SURE it’s the truth, then it really doesn’t matter……..without truth & honesty….there’s nout!!!
    …..just beware of ‘False-Prophets’!!!
    🙂 xx

  2. without truth & honesty there is still love, although some might debate “Awh but truth & honesty stem from LOVE” it truly is a topic with many variables…
    I found my teacher randomly, not one for trusting, I stalked him for a year 😀 meaning I watched his answers to other peoples questions and respected his ‘voice’ it felt comfortable, non restricting, he simply expands/breaks down the barriers within my mind, those that have been built up from childhood.. I do the rest!
    love, light and healing in your journey 🙂

  3. That is good, however, the answers to your questions; and the gateways through your mind’s barriers, are already deep within your mind….it may take time to find them, but only YOU can!!! 🙂 x

    1. Yes of course Mary-Doll, this is indeed what I write about,
      please remember we are all different
      your truth is not my truth, your way is not my way…
      I was only able to take myself so far, my fear blocked the way forward, I’m not talking mind control here I’m speaking of FREEdom.. I grew up with strict boundaries, breaking a lot of them down has taken it’s toll, and in my greatest hour of need / distraction it has helped me to have a focus. My Taoist teacher does not tamper with my choice or path, he merely opens my mind to the options, he simply holds the mirror for my own self reflection…
      I am by no means suggesting Taoism is for everyone,
      there are many paths,
      the answers lay in wait for us to experience,
      fear is the only thing holding us back,
      pure LOVE [positivity] is the only progression [way].

  4. Absolutely!! I have found that previous bad experiences in my life can cause fear & caution…which is a good thing, ie- self preservation!! At the time, it really sucks, but once I have ‘found’ myself again, I’ve taken the negatives, and extracted something positive from it….a lesson, if you like!!
    Taoism is a great ‘life-style’…Lao-tzu was very avant-garde over 2600 years ago, and his philosophies still are today! I suppose if I had to put myself in a box, it would be Buddhist, but with the ‘best-of-the-rest’ thrown in too!!
    LOVE is out there… every form, and my experience is, you just don’t know when she comes knocking on your door!?…..You just have to make sure you’re in, when she does!! 🙂 xx

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