Artist Date 7 –

I’m reading Conversations with God this week have to say I was giddy with excitement, not because I think it’s right, do I believe ‘God’ is really conversing with this man?

The question is irrelevant for me… yes irrelevant, how could the question have no probative value, you might wonder?

Well it doesn’t [in my head] because for me it isn’t the most interesting question that could be asked having read some of the book.  If you’ve read all or part of Conversations with God you might realise it isn’t a religious book, from the perspective of being converted to ‘something’ it asks nothing of the reader, doesn’t even ask you to believe what is within it!  In fact there is an true acceptance, complete understanding/knowledge that not all people will believe what is being coveyed!  For me there is an undeniable truth in this acceptance…

I had heard of the book before reading it and stupidly decided I didn’t need to look it over because I’d watched the movie, I know, I know… come on now I did mention ‘stupidly’  😀

but in fairness I liked the movie and accepted the concept, the general idea, the motivational bit, I soaked it up and used it as a stepping stone in opening my mind and moving forward in life with a positive outlook… actually I think after watching the movie I prayed to the cosmos that I would never need to plumet as far [as the main character] before having the wisdom to pick myself up, the idea of losing EVERYTHING in order to realise what I really had didn’t appeal to me :/

I was happy at that point to shake myself off and be thankful for the roof over my head!!

So what is the most interesting question for me, well let me tell you why I was so giddy, the same feeling struck me when I watched the film.  In essence it’s the concept that makes up the book and the movie, the validation of our own feelings and thoughts.  For too long I had wondered around shutting out the ‘voice’ in my head, for years and years as a kid even, for many different reasons which is for another blog [feel free to ask].  Then in my mid to late 20’s I allowed the voice to drift back, but denied it any formal confirmation of who or what it was.  I would argue with it, scoff, have these comic book skits back and forth, I actually thought I was crazy for a bit especially when I began to listen, noticeably it became more prominent.

I mean who can any of us really talk to about voices in our heads without feeling nutty, how do you begin a conversation like that, do you go to your doctor, perhaps some people do.  Do you go to your parents, perhaps, or do you speak to friends, [again] perhaps!  I felt none of these were options for me and it wasn’t until randomly chatting to a cousin who is spiritually inclined and him mentioning Conversations with God that this relief came flooding over me, I thought “AH’HA, I’m not demented how fabulous”.   Once I opened my mind to the possibility of the concept many personal potentials flooded into my head.

Now this might seem as though I’m going off topic but bear with me please… 🙂

I fell in amore with this quote;

Think twice before you speak, because your words and influence will plant the seed of either success or failure in the mind of another – Napoleon Hill.

WOW, this echoes endlessly in my mind…

Where have we all got to in society that we don’t listen to the voice of ourselves, the voice that we all originated from… regardless of what you call this.  Napoleon Hill had much need to make the statement above far too often we listen to anyone but ourselves.  Thinking back there have been times I have offered what I thought were positive words only to later find they had negative consequences and I myself have listened to people with the hope of bettering myself only to find I was unable to apply someone else’s words to my life in order to make it better.

So the quote speaks volumes to me, how we all speak, what we all say to one another has HUGE ramifications.

HOW then could we each get to a place where it’s readily accepted

we each have an inner voice, one that leads us with love

to all of our own limitless destinies.

the love that is the light of inner healing

sd 😀


3 thoughts on “Artist Date 7 –

  1. I think it’s important to have that voice in your head. Lots of peeps have lost touch with it, or worse still…ignore it!! For me, my ‘little voice’ speaks loud & clear, and I listen to it, and heed what it says!! Aboriginies have ‘Guardian Spirits’, who guide them through life; help them make decissions; and that’s what I believe. It’s our ‘animal-instinct’, if you like….the sixth sense!!??
    An example of this for me, would be all the life & death experiences I’ve had through the years. I’ve had a few in work, and lots I’ve brought upon myself through kayaking & climbing. The fact is, my little voice has always been there for me, and I’ve listened to it, and I’m still here to type the story!!….There’s nothing strange, or weird about having these voices….but be concerned if one day they are not there, for then our decissions are harder to make, and our life is a lonlier place!! 🙂 xx

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