Artist Date 9 – Gauge yourself

So I’m curious…

Have you ever felt like a gauge for other peoples lives, your friends and family.  Ever felt as though people are so used to you being alone or NOT making good decisions – you’re always the one to make off the wall choices so that’s one reason they play it safe, cause I mean look where it got you!  Or heaven forbid you might find someone to be happy with cause hey that might highlight their unhappiness and well they might have to start making changes in their lives because they’ve used you as a marker for so long, thinking “if Joe Bloggs can’t be happy well what chance have I got!”

Why do some people begrudge other people happiness?

It’s interesting to see the people who offer a helping hand when you’re down and out but how many of the same people only have criticism or warning when you’re back on your feet and returning to the game. You’ll know a true friend when they’ve stood by you through thick and thin but also when they congratulate you on your win!!

We ALL have the ability to get to a happier place, it takes a person to consciously make life decisions instead of letting life decide,  moving forward through mistakes, accepting we all make them.  Continuously getting back up, riding the wave and knowing when we decide, our lives will get better.

There IS enough happiness to go around really I promise [if not I’ll trade it all on a coin toss…] Really your own happiness is a decision away, don’t expect it overnight but hey if it happens overnight you should be WELL impressed with yourself because you have found the flow and had the courage to go with it!

And I might be a little green but I’ll never wish anything less [for you] than all you’ve ever wanted!

Don’t for one minute get discouraged by other peoples happiness, we never truly know what another person has had to go through.

If true happiness pays them a visit – smile for them- you never know,

happiness might be attracted and turn its gaze to you.

love, light and healing

sd 🙂


2 thoughts on “Artist Date 9 – Gauge yourself

  1. AMEN!!! I was going through a had time several months ago….was off work for 3 1/2 months with stress & anxiety, and bar one person from my watch, no-one else phoned to see how I was….even my “boss”, who I’ve worked with for nearly 21yrs!!! I’m very happy that I can count my true friends, on one hand……’s just a matter of quality….not quantity!! 😉 xx

  2. P.S……in the words of Cat Stevens….
    “take your time, think a lot,
    think of everything you’ve got;
    for tomorrow you may be here,
    but your dreams may not!!”
    😉 xx

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