I’m always curious when people choose to not be up front with me,

as though I won’t notice or remember they said one thing and are now clearly stating another…

The feelings of ‘it was all going so well’ 

crumpled, lay on the ground at my feet,

I dislike that this life isn’t all plain sailing, I dislike that wisdom usually stems from pain,

and although I realise I am the author of my own woe, it doesn’t warm me any.

Some believe we choose these lives, our own path before entering the human body,

these days I find it difficult to not thoroughly dislike the arrangement, however

thoroughly disliking it doesn’t make it any less viable in my mind.  

Part of me feels like giving myself a kick, the other part is painfully aware of how lucky I am regardless…


And so I must deal with people who try to ‘work me’ instead of working with me, and I shall endeavor to be graceful in my actions, and when I become weary of being graceful I shall fall to the imperfect part of me with little patience…


because after all 

I’m only human…

tip for the day; 

Always try the front door before you go to the back,  

you never know it might be open 🙂


love light and healing







One thought on “Curious

  1. A very poignant, sad, yet true piece!! You say you don’t like people who “work” you…..who does???…..Just remember, that work is a four-letter-word!! :/
    I suppose life is basically all down to “give’n’take”, and lots just want to take, take, take; without a single GIVE!!!….It aint complicated, yet alotta peeps today are just down-right selfish!!!
    This angers me too, however….experience has taught me to be very selective…..wether that’s with whom you share love, feelings, laughs, crys, food, time, money ( the list is non-exhaustive ) with!!! Ironically, this could be looked-upon as selfish too, and maybe it is on my part, though I feel life’s too short to waste on peeps who are not genuine… I simply dis-miss them!!!….Quite ruthless, and cut-throat….but hey….that’s the rub!!!
    Treat others like you expect to be treated yourself, and those who don’t sing from the same hymn book….simply dis-miss them……..BUT…..with dignity, style, and pride!!! 🙂 xx

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