Artist Date 10 –

Everyone’s talking X-factor tonight, I’m only catching up on The Vampire Diaries, love ITV player great for catching up on the one show I follow on t.v.

My cousin suggested the other night I should get a bigger t.v, I stared at him blankly as I don’t watch t.v enough to warant getting anything larger.   My telly is the size of a postage stamp it’s for my son more than anything, just to keep him in the know with cartoons.  Will never forget the first time he saw an enormous t.v set he stood in front of it as though hypnotized, eyes like saucers 😀

I have so much rolling around my head tonight, interesting questions [I think] the type of wondering that makes for a good/silly conversation… I feel like I’m teetering on the edge of something, a tall mountain perhaps, it feels breath taking as though the winds blowing, my breath catches and I hold it for a moment as I cast an eye.

There is another way to describe it, LIMBO in between something, neither here nor there, L.I.M.B.O it just seems to roll off the tongue, makes me want to do a dance, light heartedly loving life…

Do you always see the road ahead?

I know I think I do sometimes, but then I realise it wasn’t the road ahead it was just a mirage of sorts, an image of where my ego would like to go.  Can be difficult to separate what we TRULY want from what we think we want.  Never will I forget the feelings that enveloped me in sudden realisation; I didn’t really want what I had been pushing myself toward relentlessly for an unfortunate amount of time!!! Hmmm, did I put that across clearly?

Ok, so say you believe in the Universal laws of attraction; like attracts like, what you put out comes back to you.  Say you’ve decided on a career path, you work at job (a) for so many years then you jump across to job (b) cause that’s where the real money is, you’re completely focused and positive on your direction.

So you’ve done your time at job (a) now you want to jump across to where the REAL money is, you go for it, put the positive vibes out but you don’t get job (b).  You spend countless minutes, hours, days wondering why the hell didn’t I get job (b)!

Well why didn’t you/we/any of us get job (b)??

We stayed positive, we tested our faith in the Universe, everything else worked we were moving in the right direction, because we read all the signs, it all just fell into place, didn’t it?  Well, did it…

Or has the ego be playing games with us again,

I sometimes wonder if I’ve been running down the right road, for the right reasons.  Has it led in the right direction for me, or am I still on the same path when I should have made a left turn awhile back?  Did I stay on a path because it became too familiar/comfortable or even because I put all my eggs in one basket and now I feel like there is no other option?

If it no longer serves to teach me/you about who I am/you are, don’t worry about opportunity there is always another road, path, doorway…

Scary thought though isn’t it, change.

Chasing something that you’re sure is right, been running for awhile, out of breath a little?  Your chest begins to burn, you’re tired but you could go on, you could allow yourself to burn out in the never ending chase for something you want badly, something that appears so right…

Lets go back though we all have idea’s of what we want or at least what we think we want.  This is neither right or wrong it’s just individuals experiencing what others have managed to manifest.  But yet everything can be broken down, think about it – no not in a negative way in a positive “oh my goodness” how exciting!!

What we think we want is based on a reality that can be broken down and reformed, it is fragile but not in a manner that ceases to exist in a manner that shouts “Create, Create”

We have never ceased to exist we have only ever evolved, as a whole, humanity, I realise some people do not believe in reincarnation.  That’s ok we don’t have to think of the individual [but you can if you wish] we can take the progress of species.

We move forward, it’s clearly documented in humans, animals, plant life – aren’t we all marvelous

What is it in ALL living things that provides us with the will to move forward, create?

Why today are we made to feel, think we can’t?

Yet we continually stride forward, evolve, change, reform, BOUNCE back

Don’t for a second question what you’ve been given,

accept yourself,

there are no mistakes, coincidences,

move forward, jump back, re-shape,

but most of all CREATE, CREATE, CREATE…

love, light & healing



One thought on “Artist Date 10 –

  1. Very, very good!!….It’s nice to ask “what do I want?”, but nicer to realize and achieve what you need!!!!……In the immortal words of the Stones….”You can’t always get what you want, but if you try real hard, you might just find…you get what you need!!” 😉 xx

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