Artist date 11 – What a week

Time flies regardless, if you’re having fun or not!

Time and tide wait for no man, right… love this quote, although the origins are uncertain other than it predates modern English, tide referring to a season rather than the sea raising and falling.  Fascinating I think, that language, words and meaning have moved and morphed to the extent they have and still are.

So I’ve been practicing ‘pause’ for some time now, I haven’t mastered it by any means but I’ll tell you something it is a very useful tool in today’s manic world.  It brings a real sense of being in control when you just stop in the moment of what you’re doing [not while driving a vehicle-please] instead of being washed along with the flow of people around you, it’s as though you sit up, poke your head above the surface and just gaze.  Everything seems sharper, in the moment of pause you can see, hear and sense the frenzy about you.

One of my friends from primary school is getting married at the end of November, I remember we used to talk about our wedding days when we were younger, early teens.  Later in our 20’s we both agreed we didn’t feel the need to get married, and that we probably wouldn’t!  Interesting for me to think back to when I was a teen trying to imagine how my life would be in my late 20’s and to now look back at my thoughts of remembering me remembering.  But then also to know how my life actually transpired in my late 20’s, are you still with me?

It feels like a paradox, perhaps it is in it’s own way, to go back in my mind to a memory of being a child sitting in this friends bedroom, imagining being an ‘adult’ the naivete of those thoughts in comparison to the choices I then went on to make.  And the distance from then to now, decades have passed, does it seem like yesterday, well I don’t know about that.  I feel as though I’ve fitted a lot in 😀

Would I change anything? There are very few things that I would change, smaller actions perhaps but then I think no because it’s my outlook that those smaller actions make up and connect to the bigger ones.  My grandma told me when I turned 21 I wouldn’t see the years go and before I knew it I’d be 29, I laughed… nervously!! She was right, grandma’s usually are wells of wisdom 🙂

I’m getting older without a doubt but I don’t feel old, my brain seems to have stopped, in its sense of time making me older, or the fear of it has dissipated, perhaps it will return, perhaps the caring of age has left me.  It makes me wonder about how we view time, if I’m honest it really intrigues me, boring I know!

But think about it for a moment, time is how it is because someone created it.  Did we always have watches, I don’t think so.  Was there a time when time was less important in the manner in which it is impressed upon us today, I believe so.  There have been calendar reforms in history, how we view time today is based on these reforms; below is a little paragraph from

The fundamental problem of the calendar is the imperfect divisibility of whole numbers into an irrational number (fitting whole days into a month; fitting whole days or whole months into a year). The physics of orbital mechanics does not phase-lock the rotation of the Earth (the day) to its revolution (the year), nor the rotation of the Earth (the day) to the revolution of the Moon (the month). Therefore any attempt to divide a month into days or a year into days will leave a fractional remainder of a partial day. Likewise, any attempt to divide a year into months will leave a fractional remainder of a partial month. Such remainders accumulate from one period to the next thereby driving the cycles out of synch.

It boggles my mind, how the Earth moves doesn’t divide ‘equally’ into days, months or a year, that it leaves a fractional remainder :-O

Leaves me thinking I’ve been short changed and whose time, diary, schedule am I working to exactly?!?

I haven’t worn a watch in a couple of years, I do use my mobile for an alarm clock, getting my son to school on time is essential.  I have over the years been able to use an internal clock for timing personal routines.  How long it takes me to wash, dry my hair, have breakfast, basically get ready in the morning.  I bet there was a time when we were all able to work to our own internal clocks, I bet we lived in a society where our work innately fitted with how the Earth moves naturally.  Before someone decided it was time for a calendar, that then apparently needed changed…

Makes me want to dance to the beat of my own [internal] drum

instead of living a life [of] time based on someone else’s calendar.

Did I mention, I believe we can temporarily stop time [in the moment]

but that I shall leave to your imaginings

or how you choose to test time

better you have your way with time

rather than it have it’s way with you!

have a fabulous week

be well



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