Artist Date 12 – Submission

I can’t help but feel life requires submission,

not submissive behaviour but rather at certain instances or stages it requires us all to yield…

I feel the need to be specific in making it clear ALL beings at some point no matter how strong or independent will have to give way to something or someone at some point in life in order to evolve ones character or disposition.  By no means does this suggest a women or a man should enter into or stay within an abusive relationship or position at work.

We could look and talk about ego from different perspectives, psychological, spiritual or religious.  The submission I speak of is more a letting go of ego, to not allow yourself to be influenced by other people or what society regards as right but instead consider taking a step back, and really asking yourself what is right for ME.  What is right for me is going to be slightly different for each of us because we’re individuals, I’ve heard it said if a path or decision no longer serves you then simply change your path or make a new decision.

This can be difficult for all of us for many reasons, if we have made an important life choice based on fear, which snow balls out of control putting the breaks on can seem as though it will only make our situation worse.    Having the strength to say “this isn’t right for me any more, this situation no longer serves me” is pivotal in a persons journey of self knowledge/ happiness.  Giving in to the best path for ourselves is a fearless act one that doesn’t always seem to initially benefit everyone around us, however I believe the long term affects of people making better life choices on a mass scale has the potential of benefiting and positively progressing the whole of humanity.

This hasn’t just occurred to me out of the blue, its something that has been lurking at the back of my mind, seeping to the forefront as my mind opens, my eyes taking in examples from life as it plays out in front of me.  Other people knowingly or unknowingly through action accept or deny the opportunity to give way to their ego.

I didn’t want to go straight to the example of true love only because it seems so obvious, but lets look at it briefly.

It’s been said that submission is an act of true love, I personally believe this is widely mis-interpreted.  Not because it’s a false statement but because I believe people too readily try to love others before they love themselves.  Giving in or submitting to true love in relation to another person can be a liberating experience if we have first given way to loving ourselves.  Have you given in to yourself, truly looked at what you want and despite what others think of your decisions just went for it.  Have you been kind to yourself, accepted the good with the not so good, none of us are perfect, we all shout, moan a bit.  Giving in to yourself allows room for personal growth, to be able to smile or laugh each day at how silly we’ve been, it gives us the opportunity to yield to others instead of allowing our ego to create distance through unexplained actions and misunderstood statements.  If you love yourself you submit to all the different parts of who you really are, there is no hiding or denying yourself because you fear peoples reactions or the loss of friendships.

Unfortunately people enter relationships thinking another person will make them whole, better, a new person.  Yielding to another without loving yourself could possibly lead to an imbalance within the relationship, the other person could soon resent the role of making you ‘perfect’, being the stronger person or even worse mistreat you.  I say all this having made the mistake before, unwittingly I looked for a person who would ‘make me better’ when in fact I was the only one who could do this by accepting myself.

So letting go of our ego’s control over us could possibly make for a more peaceful frame of mind, there is a part of you that wants to act a little wild or go a little crazy, doing something that makes your heart race.  But then there is a voice, makes you second guess what you want; how will you look if you do that, people will laugh at you.  Start off small think it through but don’t give way to the scared voice within.  You don’t have to be hugely death defying in your actions, it could be simply pushing yourself to make new friends or skinny dipping on holiday 😀 it doesn’t require you to jump out of an aeroplane, although you could if you’d like.  Kudos to anyone who skydives or bungy jumps, you wouldn’t get me doing it in a month of Sundays or a blue moon.  I might streak if there was ever a blue moon, skinny dipping makes me giggle.

And so I guess I would encourage you to yield to the lighter side of life,

love yourself… sounds easy doesn’t it,

it’s a challenge in fact, it will take practice,

be kind in how you treat yourself,

it emanates out to the people that surround you,

and they will benefit from your love and long term happiness.

best wishes

sd 🙂


4 thoughts on “Artist Date 12 – Submission

  1. Very true!!!…..At least, some…..but maybe I’ve picked it up wrong??? I don’t think we are submissive if we go against the flow, and do our own thing……on the contrary, this is being quite dominant!! Totally agree on having to accept & love yourself, before you can love others!!! In my past life, and my very few previous ‘relationships’, I spent a very long time after they had ended, getting to know myself again. I had changed…..been changed, and I took the time to reflect and enjoy my own company & celibicy before even contemplating looking at another woman!!….Yes, I hated these two past peeps for what they’d put me through…..but hated myself for letting them, and for being who I had become!!!
    You live & learn; or try too; though, and it was third time lucky for me, and thirteen years later, neither Pania, nor Myself, are submissive with each other…..we’re simply equal!!! 🙂 …..A Team!!
    I don’t think anyone should submit to another person…..unless they want too in a kinky way 😉 …. as it’s a sign of weakness, and we need to be strong…….for ourselves, & our nearest & dearest!!
    🙂 xx

    1. As I mentioned before Chez 🙂 my blogs at this point are general in the hope they reach more people.
      Tell me though do you not submit to the force of nature, do you not yield or give way occasionally to ‘man’ flu 😉 or minor ailments, I simply gave true love as one example.
      Life is so intricate that I thought it best to focus this topic on something simple, although love is like most things and only as simple as we make it..
      Tell me though, I find it difficult to conceive with Pania being as special as she is to you, does your love for her not make you yield in any way.
      Submission need not be weakness, its my belief that it is misunderstood, in all things there lie’s a balance. The night yields to the dawn and vice versa, the Sun to the Moon vice versa, the dew submits under the heat of the day evaporating only to reform in another way.
      It is our outlook and how society views words that has lead to a more negative outlook and understanding of words today.
      There are always two view points for any given subject, we can look at something from a positive perspective [light] or from a negative perspective [dark].
      I was told by a mentor once “if you approach anything with non-judgement it will never corrupt you”
      So for me submission need not be a lack of confidence in myself, it need not be shackles and chains [quite literally for some people] if we place submission in the light, does it appear different than in the dark?
      thank you for your comment 🙂

  2. Off course I yield to Pania, but it is a mutual yielding. It may be submission, but it’s a very respectful thing, and because we know each other so well, and sing from the same hymn book, I would not call it submission. If there is respect, then there is no submission!!!
    Maybe I’m taking it too literally, but I get the submitting to nature thing, as I do on a regular basis…..but again, that’s down to respect!!!…..I’m confused now!!! :/ …..Fancy blogging about respect next week???? 😉 xx

  3. Interesting isn’t it, just to stop and consider all of this 🙂
    For me respect mutual or not does not require submission, I can respect a person, animal, nature but I don’t feel there is an instant need for submission because of that respect. There is always choice, they can certainly run along side one another and intertwine depending on a persons life journey/ experience.
    Not to be somber but we all submit to death as we pass from this place to the next.
    It is a topic with many examples and intricacies’ 🙂

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