Artist Date 13 –

I find it ironic that this is artist date 13 and I’m about to tell you I haven’t had a great day.  I bumped someones car today, an expensive car and with everything being electronic these days, a warning light is now showing so the car may have to go to the dealership to get fixed.

My granddad didn’t like the number 13, he was a paratrooper in the second world war.  There is a story that he refused to jump as he was thirteenth in line, superstitious you see, another man swapped with him and alas was shot dead before he reached the ground, my granddad lived through the atrocities and helped to liberate Bergen-Belson concentration camp.

Feeling a little under the weather I searched for anything to distract myself, someone to talk to online, checked my emails, ebay bids, Jonathan Cainer zodiac forecast [no, it didn’t say anything about a car crash] I decided to read a page I’d marked online Druid Triads: Virtues to live by.  We all need a little guidance now and again, regardless of how strong or competent we find ourselves.  And as much as I love Druidry, there isn’t any script that hasn’t had to be translated, today very few people speak any of the original languages of the old ways.  Of course I’m thinking pre-christian but the bible even, I’ve read too many times that there can be a couple of meaning for one word!  Who gets to pick which meaning is appropriate, I suppose we’ve just all got to have ‘faith’ that the correct meaning is picked, right?

Hmmm, I’m in a mood so I say NO,

I say read all that you can, read until you feel as though your eye balls are going to fall out, read what you think is appropriate and what you fear is not, read it without judgement and with an open mind.  Accept nothing less than what sits well with your insides, if your gut reaction is that it’s not for you then go to the next and the next, because the right faith, religion, spiritual outlook can be found. You might surprise yourself by accepting an outlook you were once opposed to, I know I did.  My first thoughts on Taoism was that people only thought that way so that they could side step any responsibility, not have to feel an obligation to anything.  But here I am freer in mind and calmer in body, able to negotiate the up’s and down’s of life without getting angry or defensive.  Here I am living life with a better understanding of my place within the world.

Today wasn’t the best day,

but thankfully no one was hurt.

Tomorrow is another day,

we will each experience something different,

from our friends, family, neighbours and complete strangers.

Each of our outlooks as we step forward will carry us through to the next move,

I wish you all a graceful week as you pave your way day by day.

And should you need a kind word,  ask for it, put it out there,

be open as you walk around for it could be posted on a wall,

you could hear it in a song or simply be lifted by someone else’s smile…



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