Artist date 14 – Layers

I’m convinced life is made up of layers, the truth lie’s among a mountain of layers, if you turn your perspective a certain way, look at how you look at life you might just be lucky enough to catch a glimpse.

“Things aren’t always what they seem…”

Let me tell you a story,

Once upon a time there was a girl who visited a grand hotel with her friends, they drank, ate and were merry, then it was time to check out and she realised some money was missing.  She had put it in a very safe place, it was the only money taken from the room that she shared with another girl.  A manager was called to the room, an investigation was put under way, all types of thoughts were flying through this girl’s head, she didn’t have a sense of who could have taken her money.

Travelling home with no answers to where her money could be, negative thoughts crept into her mind, a sleepless night made her come to a dark conclusion, made her think she knew who had taken her money, was it someone in the hotel another guest, was it a member of staff, or even worse one of the people she had presumed a friend!!

The seed of doubt had begun to grow, turning her thoughts this way and that, she had worked herself into a frenzy.  Deciding rashly she knew who the culprit was, she composed a letter to the hotel manager intimating the thief could only be, none other than….

Well it doesn’t matter, because the money was never stolen, it was found in her very own bag a number of days later.  There had never been a theft you see, a frenzied search hadn’t turned up the money that was stuck in a leaflet in between other things…

There are layers to events, happenings no matter how big or small, unless we approach all of life with an open, non judging, calm mind there will always be the opportunity for doubt to creep in, negative thoughts to over come.  How we handle issues and incidents on a daily basis speaks volumes of who we are, if who you are isn’t who you want to be, simply begin to change your outlook and actions.

Presuming someone has done something to you because it looks like it was them, there is always embarrassment at being ‘wrong’ don’t leave it though, put it right.  If you told 50 people that someone wronged you when it turned out they had not, put it right and move on with life.  We all make mistakes, simple ones, intricate ones, mistakes that take time to fix, mistakes that you think can’t be fixed.  Don’t do more damage by harbouring guilt, carrying it on your back, inflicting it upon other people if you think they’ve done ‘wrong’ learn from yourself, and allow your experience to enhance your empathy towards others… offering kind words “Awh I’ve done that too, it’s really embarrassing but it’s not so bad, could’ve been much worse…”

have a cool week 🙂



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