Artist Date 15 –

We can try to do things perfectly, even if we don’t believe in ‘perfect’.  Some might think, if we try to achieve perfection at the very least it should turn out to the very best of our ability.

To me there is no wrong in trying to do something perfectly as long as you approach perfection from an agreeable direction.

Don’t approach it as though you need it,

or can not live without it.

If you find you approach everything from a strict sense of it having to be perfect, please if not for anyone else around you, then just for yourself…. take a moment, relax into the job at hand.

I believe it’s all about how you APPROACH a task or issue, opposed to WANTING it to be perfect.

Nothing wrong with wanting to do your best for yourself and others.

But when we turn this want into a need for, I can’t help but feel we step off the path somewhat.

We step away from kind and loving thoughts of doing our best for ourselves and others – to losing ourselves, to the need of unquenchable perfection…

I feel life has so many lines in the sand, depending on the topic of conversation… by all means confidently stride toward it, dance limberly along its finest side, hop skip and jump along it but watch you don’t lose yourself beyond the line that is your own personal growth.

Be kind with your mind, it feeds you, each of us in more ways than any of us know.

It is the maker of so many emotions that create or destroy your/our happiness, your ability to feel for yourself and others.

Dance, smile, love, learn,

yearn, need, feed, flourish.

If you find everything you do you do to perfection, then try to break the cycle, if there is something small like decorating a cake, dressing to go out or competing on Xbox [that’s for all the guys] then fluff it, allow yourself to make a lousy job of something small.

Notice how it makes you feel to not always be perfect, and realise in that moment that you are more perfect for seeing and feeling both sides of the coin, for you have bettered yourself.


love, life and all the care I can afford you 🙂

have a blessed week


sd 🙂






4 thoughts on “Artist Date 15 –

  1. Beauty is truley in the eye of the beholder!…As is perfection…….Perfection doesn’t actually exist in our mortal pre-conceptions…….sure; it exists in Nature; but we can never compete with Her!!!….However, as long as we can achieve our-own perfection…..our personal-best, if you please….then that’s close enough!!! 😉 x

      1. LOL… Simply, yes it is a bit OCD to strive for perfection, BUT…..there’s nothing wrong with it!!…..Whenever I’m carving something for someone, taking photographs, building/designing something, or searching for someone in a fire……I do my utmost best: may not be perfect….what is??…..but as long as I’VE did my best, then that’s as good as it gets!!?? 🙂 x

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