Artist Date 16 –

Sometimes it is better to be quiet,

not to say or offer anything,

merely being present or aware in the moment can be the best offering.

For sometimes there are no words to suffice, maybe silent well meaning action has the ability to make up for lack of words.

We often feel the need to do something, anything to make a situation ‘better’ but it might be good advice to ask yourself first, why do I feel the need to do this something.  Who will benefit and if it is only you that will feel better for your words or actions then perhaps merely being present within yourself is the best offering.

There are too many intricate examples within life, going with your gut feeling on any issue is what I would suggest.  Watch though that good intention doesn’t snow ball your original gut instinct, listen to the smaller voice within.

Be authentic in your offering of all things, whether it be word or action, be true to yourself and no matter the outcome your foot will surely not stumble.

Alas I have little to offer this evening,

and I wouldn’t be being myself if I woffled on without good intention 🙂

It doesn’t take paragraphs upon paragraphs to put across a genuine point,

and so I leave you with this.

Watch and listen as the world plays out in front/ all around you,

pause for a second, noting how occurrences make you feel,

should you find you want to help change the world,

then consider firstly changing yourself from within..

No song,

no dance,

a quiet simple decision,

and watch as your good intention ripples out.

Truth being, none of us have the eye sight [foresight] to see or know just how far our good intention travels or  if it ever reaches a destination…

wishing you happiness for the week ahead



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