Artist 17 / New Year = New Things

2013 – Remember when I thought we’d all be using individual hover craft type gadgets to get around, granted I was under ten years of age but the idea was pretty exciting at the time! 🙂

So here we are, sadly no hover crafts, we’re not zooming around on machinery that levitates.  There’s something quite comedic [to me] imagining old people whizzing about on futuristic vehicles, denture clad, rollers and hair nets, string vests and walking sticks! 😀

Have to admit, the 1st of January doesn’t do much for me personally, I don’t wake up bright and breezy, stretch and think lets scrape the slate clean, while grinning like a Cheshire cat.  There are definitely positive feelings on how I would like to move forward, but I do not make ANY New Years resolutions, why, because for me it’s a pointless process.  No use in deluding myself, setting goals that will never be reached only to find myself on the same day a year later doing exactly the same thing… it can become a never ending cycle of leading yourself around in circles.

I came across an article called A Revolution in Resolution;

thought it was an interesting approach for people deciding to change certain aspects of their lives.

Trying to stay positive, turning your life in the direction you’d prefer is doable with determination, action and focus on the end result.  Some days are easier than others, especially for people who believe they are constantly at the end regardless of a New Year, baby steps though, never give up trying.  We are all different and we get to where we’re going at our own pace!

Regardless of the day or hour…

I would try to sway anyone from waiting until the 1st of January, or Monday, definitely Monday I’ll begin the new me then.  Too much pressure, build up, instead consider taking yourself by surprise maybe mid week do it in the moment, decide then and there.  Whether you’re in the shower, on your tea break, or while eating dinner.

[if your decision immediately effects the people around you, please try to be considerate of their feels or at least their reaction if it makes a sudden change in your/their lives or environment]

We all get stuck in routines that bring little enjoyment, don’t get disheartened if your ‘big change’ doesn’t bring the desired outcome.  Don’t despair, don’t get down thinking of the ‘time’ you might have wasted.  Instead realise that you’ve taught yourself something valuable about Who You Are and where you’re going.  Consider stepping away from those who would constantly remind you of situations that haven’t worked out positively.

Dust yourself off,

We all blindly make decisions,

perhaps thinking we know where they will lead,

sometimes having no clue what they will bring.

Everyday can bring a new beginning, every moment a new start, don’t for one second give up because it all seems too daunting.

Make your next move, flip the coin [I dare you],

you never know where you might find yourself or who you may meet.


Happy, healthy, prosperous year to you all 🙂





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