Sarah’s [big] date 18 –

Renaming my artist date to Sarah’s date, I am the artist after all.  Find myself plugging away at life, the rhythm seems to have changed up and lately I’ve found myself floundering, trying to find my footing.

So I had actually written this blog last night and when I went to post WordPress asked to me sign back in to my page, something went amiss, only half the blog was posted??!?

I stormed off to bed, tired, agitated, having stayed up just to complete the blog… Funny though within the blog I had suggested that there are no mistakes, coincidences, perhaps the blog wasn’t as concise as it could be.

Last nights blog posed a question;

What would you allow yourself to learn in 2013?

I then went into a small description of what I meant by this, usually WE pick what we want to learn, we apply for courses, seek out programs that advance and further our knowledge base.  But do we learn from other sources, do we learn from each other, strangers on the street, our friends, children etc.  Are we open to life’s lessons, do we appreciate or see the potential all around us?  You might say  “yeah but these aren’t true qualification, I can’t GET a job from helping a stranger…” well I beg to differ!

Apart from the universal law of attraction, what you [genuinely] put out is what you get back, there are definitely weirder things to happen in this life, than meeting a stranger on the street who inadvertently needs your help and a by product or consequence of your actions is to receive something in return, of your choice.  Should you give your time to a child, anyone who has children or works in a childcare environment could readily tell you just how much children can teach a person about themselves.

My personal favourite is when a friend or stranger randomly without realising answers a question I have been curious about or even an issue that has been weighing heavy on my mind.  I have long since stopped wondering how it is possible without bringing the issue into the conversation?!

Life is like that you know, in a subtle way it answers all questions, teaches us patience, confidence, understanding, that we are beautiful, unique, worthwhile, and all part of a grand design 🙂

If we open up to all possibilities, life teaches us what we truly desire to know,

so – what would you allow yourself to learn in 2013?

Have a happy week



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