Sarah’s date 19 –

I love talking, I would dare to say I’d speak to anyone who took the time to speak to me.  Not always the best plan of action, however you learn from your experiences and people are worthy implements, tools to learn from.  Some of you might be thinking “yeah, that’s about right I know a couple of tools”.

Interesting, how we all individually see/ describe life even though some say we are connected to each other.  This is highlighted to me when I verbally stumble to put across my opinion of a situation to those who know me, I can only imagine what a stranger might take from my ramblings!

How much though do we misinterpret when others speak, how much do we really listen, what final assumption do we attach to words that have more than one meaning?

Judgement too often is the root cause of my own sabotage, ending potential where I stand gazing, at all things that [I] might be.

Do I have you wondering, is your mind taking you back to a past conversation, are you wondering if your interpretation of other peoples words are as precise as you believe,

when you turn your back, walk away, leave,

only to mull over the conversation a thousand times.

Perhaps not fully understanding the true intent,

by the time you roll it over in your mind you’ve second guessed yourself a hundred times.

How many misunderstanding have each of us had, how many missed chances would we go back to put right?

Be too easy if we all understood each other, don’t you think?  Obscure thoughts made visible, nothing lost in translation.

Part of me thinks it’s already been measured and weighed, regardless of how much or little we understand.

I take comfort in a Native American poem;

Oh comfort the expressible comfort of feeling safe with a person,

having neither to weigh thought or measure words,

but pouring them all right out,

just as they are,

chaff and grain together,

certain that a faithful hand will take and sift them,

keep what is worth keeping and then with a breath of kindness,

blow the rest away.

Anon –

Imagine feeling this way with everyone, an expressible comfort,

would it lead to a better level of tolerance for all?

And where do you suppose this comfort begins,

would it start from within…


how far would it travel, would it ever end?

Have an exciting week,

enjoy chatting, learning and meeting new people 😀



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