Sarah’s date 20 –

I feel a little silly this week but then I don’t pretend to know everything, I realised long ago that I will always be in a state of ‘remembering’ or learning.

So here goes… came across this article on Facebook posted by Occupy Love, shared and began to read;

Interesting read for me as I didn’t realise Thich Nhat Hanh is a Zen Master.  Couple of years back I was given a diary with meditational art and some of his quotes, I truly enjoyed the quotes long after the diary expired, rewriting them in calligraphy, re-reading them in times of retrospect.  I thought that Thich Nhat Hanh was a way of thinking or an off shoot of some spiritual movement.  I wasn’t too far off the bat, it turns out that this Vietnamese monk has hundreds of thousands of followers all around the world – no, I’m not one of his followers, I fully respect the Buddhist belief/outlook, however I find I appreciate a little bit of everything spiritual rather than just one solid structure or scripture of faith.

So in part he is a way of thinking, I’m just a little giddy that he’s actually a person too!

What really interests me is that he encourages a boycott of products that damage the environment, which is a truly positive and inspiring stand point.  I deluded myself for a second or two that well I’m very good at this, yeah then I had to go onto to Argos and buy two birthday presents, my son has been invited to a couple of parties, and of course it hit me as I clicked on a ‘Chad Valley playset’ and ‘Monster High Dolls’ “awh crap I’m just about to purchase a load of plastic from big brand companies” so it’s fair to say as much as we think we’re doing great things we probably don’t admit just how much we’re blind sighted too.

After all our children need toys to play with right, heaven forbid they should collect sticks in the forest and see what their imagination should bring.  Now again in fairness I don’t think I would be the most popular person if I wrapped a bag of twigs for some child in my son’s class at school [oh to be a fly on the wall when they opened that present, eh!] 😀

But lets not get side tracked here, the truth is I’ve always believed we as the consumer have more control than we realise, yes big name companies come up with new toys and big name advertisers know just the right way to make it appeal to children and when each of our son’s or daughter’s, nieces or nephews see’s the adverts they usually chime on and on about getting it, knowing which adult they can wear down the quickest…. STOP

We as the consumer HAVE the power to make companies change their outlook on the type of products that are appealing to US the consumer, full stop.  It doesn’t mean you have to go research all the companies you’ve ever used or buy products from – tomorrow, in fact right now, yes, off you go… open up another tab there and begin 🙂

Lets not get frantic but lets step honestly into awareness, I’ll do it with you because I should really have a better idea of what type of companies I’m supporting and how much the products I use damage the environment I live within.  Not because I’m trying to be perfect, or be right but because it MATTERS because people I’ve never met are being effected indirectly or directly.

Horrified I was to read the other week there are impoverished countries that grow fashionable health foods, the consumers on one side of the world have raised the monetary value so much that the people harvesting these fad foods, the natives of the country that grow them can no longer afford to eat them and sadly feed themselves on imported junk food.  How many of these health eaters would still buy some of these foods if they knew the truth of families going hungry?  I believe in humanity and I believe there would be a sharp decline in popularity.

We are in an age where we have to be advocates for our own health, food consumption, communities [local and world], self knowledge and the overall state of [mother] earth and all of her inhabitants.

We can all begin,

don’t fool yourself though,

don’t delude yourself as to where the beginning is.

The beginning lie’s within,

each and every one of us,

within YOU!

Tell me, do you feel special?

You should 😀

Happy week ahead



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