Sarah’s date 21 ~

What would you do…. for someone who was ill?

What would you do…  to be heard or understood?

What would you do… to be happy?

ANYTHING – would you, could you be brave enough to drop everything in order to do anything?

To do what it takes… sounds a bit ‘heavy duty’ doesn’t it, I mean most of us try to live good lives, do the right thing.  But is doing the right thing as good as doing what it takes/ anything?

We get lost, caught up in the precise meaning of words, the English language has many examples of one word having two meanings.  How would we function if we didn’t have definition or meaning to words?  I believe at some point we did ‘get on’ and exist without words, definition and meaning.

Nothing speaks louder than action, how we all choose to react, respond, act…

I think we all ACT a little too much though,

perhaps unable to be honest about our true feelings,

too many of us maybe feel caught up in the flow of everyday’ness.

School runs, getting to work, gym, weekly routines…

We have become work horses on a mill wheel,

dangling carrots, of success, celebrity and who you could be,

all keeping us trotting around in circles.

If you get the chance this week to do ANYTHING to positively change up your week, grasp it with both hands.  Whether it be helping someone who is ill, making yourself understood/ more visible or even just a small thing to make yourself smile/ be happy…


again, and again and again.


Missed opportunities are too painful to look back upon,

whether you wish you had done better for someone, presented yourself in a better light,

or told someone just how much you care.


Be heard, be visible, be happy!

I wish you all an exciting spontaneous week ahead 🙂


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