Sarah’s date 22 ~

We all have something good to say, don’t we?

You know that moment when another person is able to strum the strings of your heart, infusing, igniting sure feelings.  Its a rare gift to inspire another person, rarer still to have influence over many people.  Power to inspire and yet not allow yourself to be corrupted or misuse the trust and loyalty people have placed within you.

Yet most of us would admit to feeling an obligation of sorts,  not wanting to let the side down, not wanting family or friends to be disappointed in how we act, what we believe in, more specifically how we voice our opinions on life.  Holding back our true feelings in order to be accepted.

We all have something good to say, don’t we?

Well I would say it depends on how open minded a person is being.  You might say “I disagree, anything spoken from the heart has relevance…”  Sadly I find few people do speak from their hearts, too many of us share quotes, never speaking or adding our own thoughts on the words we’re sharing.  Or we take on others opinions too easily without truly processing the words and what they mean to each of us.

I have heard some passionate speeches that at first take on the guise of open mindedness, words spoken as though they encompass and make room for all people, then half way through or toward the end too many times have I heard or been reading words that turn, as though rubbing an opponents face in the dirt.  Extinguishing potential for all parties/people to move forward together.

Living in Northern Ireland I could give you an example from our political happenings, present day but I’m not sure the issues we face are universal enough in example.  We are a small country, we struggle with the past, our politics at present seems to be taking the form of a ‘tit for tat’ shoving match.

Great words are powerful, we all know this, experience them in moments when the hair stands up on the back of our necks, we FEEL united.  Don’t think for a second that you don’t have these words within yourself, because YOU do.

Lets begin…. where?

With ourselves of course, yes that’s right I want you to practice on yourself 😀

In the mirror ever morning, practice saying positive affirmations, smile at yourself.  It’s ok to feel silly, it’s a good experience, I promise, sing to yourself, you’ll begin to laugh or something funny will cross your mind, you could even practice saying something, random “Mango’s”.  When you take the time to speak well to yourself it becomes second nature to speak to others in the same manner, a frame of mind.

Begin to move forward everyday, highlighting to others the positives that you see in them, encourage their abilities, sometimes people don’t realise when they have helped another person.  Making people aware they’ve helped you creates a feel good factor for everyone involved.

Great words aren’t just for world leaders, they aren’t just for the movies or Holywood.  They’re laying in wait, in the corner shop on a Monday morning, they’re hiding at tea break when you all sit around a table, they are wherever and whenever you want them to be.

There is no right time for great words,  for we all know GREAT words are truly timeless ~

Have a happy week ahead,

for all the lovebirds enjoy valentines day,

and for all us singletons there is wine, or vodka, maybe bacardi??!?

JOKING  – love is everywhere, no one is ever truly alone

[and yes I do believe this]

be well



One thought on “Sarah’s date 22 ~

  1. We should speak from the heart…wether for good, or bad…..just as important to speak your mind if un-happy too! I find though, with time & experience, that less is more!! You don’t have to speak so much to get a point accross! A simple look, smile, expression can speak volumes….What needs not be said: needs not be understood!! Choose your words carefully, and more carefully when to speak them!! x

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