Sarah’s date 23 ~

I haven’t a clue what I’d like to write about this week;

I just read earlier that raw honey and cinnamon has many health benefits, you can read more here or research it yourself 🙂

Think I might make a batch of oatmeal, raisin, honey and cinnamon cookies, Mmmm any excuse, I also read that someone enjoys honey and cinnamon on their English muffins.  Toast your muffins, lightly butter then add your honey and sprinkle with cinnamon [bobs your uncle fanny’s your aunt :]

Marvelous isn’t it what nature is providing for us.  Sad that we over look simple remedies or that knowledge once passed from generation to generation has be lost, forgotten.

Onions – my mum said if she had ear ache as a child my grandma would tell her to go put an onion to her ear, I haven’t tried it myself.  My mum used to warm olive oil and pour it in my lug hole then plug it up with some cotton wool and seal it with vaseline! Here is a website on onions;

Of course we could all just pop lots of pills, just go to your doctor, there are so many to choose from!  Not for me though, I take a basic B complex vitamin but mostly I rely on my diet to keep me in good health.  I take note of my body and how it responds/digests food although by no means am I a strict health addict.  I do believe our bodies crave what they need; for instance I didn’t realise I have low blood pressure, I was pregnant with my son, the nurse took my blood pressure and informed me that it was low and since pregnancy it has remained low.  The last time I spoke to a nurse she happen to say “well, long gone are the days when a doctor would just advise you to add a little salt to your diet” obviously because salt now gets a bad rap.  However something clicked when she mentioned salt, every now and then I notice my body craves salty food and I normally go buy a packet of salty nuts 😀 seriously, I’m not joking.  My mum stopped adding salt to her cooking when I was in my early teens, she had read an article on the side effects, so naturally when I cook I don’t add salt just pepper or other seasoning.  I’m guessing my body needs a certain amount of salt and that’s why I crave my salty nuts!

All very interesting I think, so why not begin to take note of what foods your body craves and how your body responds/digests these foods.  Look at the base ingredients, you will at the very least have a better knowledge of what you are eating, and I can tell you straight up you will be amazed and horrified at what is put into some of your most favourite foods!!  From here, when you see what you are eating, research the side effects on your body, yes that’s right what your body uses as fuel has CONSIDERABLE effects not just on your weight gain or weight loss but your attitude and over all well being.

good luck in your journey 🙂

of what you might ask, well in knowing yourself,

you didn’t just think it was all about meditation and stretching, did you.

There are lots of angles to this ‘knowing yourself’ gig,

lots of doors, if you don’t like one, simply open another.

here’s to a healthy week of eating honey, cinnamon and onions,

oh and you might need to brush your teeth a little more than usual 😀

you’ll do great,  it’s all about a healthy balance!

be well


[Side note: PLEASE research cinnamon and it’s effects on the body before consuming it!!]


5 thoughts on “Sarah’s date 23 ~

  1. Very good!!!….You should try some “Chocolate-Salty-Balls”!!! 😉
    Hey….are you entering the Radio 2 competition, “500 Words”?? ….You should!! 🙂 x

    1. ha, ha, I couldn’t think for a second where I learned it, but now I remember my grandma was a Lancashire lass, she’d lots of great sayings like “all my arse and Polly Martin” 😀

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