Sarah’s date 24~

So I’m a little distracted at the moment, it’s not that I’m run off my feet it’s more of, as I look around me the things I seem to have no control over appear magnified.  There are definitely situations out of everyone’s control, nature has it’s own cycle and like time it stops for no one.  This can be difficult to comprehend, hard to digest and depending on a persons outlook it may leave a bitter taste in the mouth [so to speak].

Someone close to me is about to lose a parent and although I can offer my time, there aren’t any words that strike me as useful with regard to  this situation.  The process that is occurring is beyond me, I have no experience, expertise, knowledge, words – my time is the best offering.

Death usually has an interesting way of unveiling insignificant issues in our daily lives, for a split second, a day, a week or however long a tragedy holds our attention.  If the scale of the tragedy is big enough it can completely alter a persons lifestyle, anything from places we visit, foods we eat, to political perspectives.  We each have the ability to be touched on a personal level, at a community level, the country we live within or the world we are apart of.

What do we have control over;

Well I have a dog so am regularly out walking, there is a park I use often quite close to my house, noticeably the amount of dog mess and rubbish is on the increase.  Teenagers drink in and around this area and I often have to walk my dog around shattered pieces of glass.  It’s gotten so bad I use extra bags to lift other peoples dog mess and larger pieces of rubbish.  Just at the weekend I was in another park close to my mothers house and again I found the same problem staring me in the face and I began to lift pieces of rubbish what I thought was truly hilarious, I happened upon a plastic shopping bag, it was almost as though the universe was urging me to please collect what I could and bin it!!  While I was rummaging in the bushes a little family walking their dog on the path that encircled these bushes couldn’t take their eyes off me, gobsmacked they were catching fly’s.  I guess they might have thought it a bit tragic that a young woman was spending an evening rummaging in the bushes picking up other peoples mess, however I think the tragedy is the idea of picking up someone else’s rubbish, such a shocking notion!!

The effects of dog mess and rubbish is far reaching from wild life being negatively affected, small animals being poisoned, then larger animals or birds eating them and dying.  How many people have trod in dog poo, your day has the ability to go from alright to complete shite [quite literally] in two seconds flat, one unhappy person interacting with another has a high potential for passing on unhappiness or worse an argument is easily created out of frustration and annoyance.  My son sat at the base of a big tree without looking down first and sat in poo, yeah I wasn’t a happy bunny, it had the potential to wreck my whole day…

So how interlinked is death and the mess we create around us, I believe it’s linked.

Do happy healthy people equal awareness,  I believe at varying levels yes what is created in the process/ the journey equals awareness.  If we consciously took better care of ourselves, made better decisions for our lives and others the impacts would ripple out.  Differences in all area’s of our lives would/will be noticeable – on a personal level, at a community level, for the country and world we all live within.

Great actions can have small beginnings,

with little effort, they need no rhyme nor any reason,

just the simplest of movement.

hope your week is off to a good start

smile for a little while, then smile a little extra for someone who is unable.

kisses 😀



3 thoughts on “Sarah’s date 24~

  1. You must have been Maddame Chaulet (Wombles) in your past life?? 😉 It is frustrating when you encounter litter in nature….I spend alot of time in the mountains, and it beggers belief what you find, especially as you would think other climbers/walkers would be like-minded, kindred spirits!!?? I once ran after a Duke of Ed group, and frog-marched them back to pick their litter up. A mate & myself were out for a run in the Mournes, and we stopped at Bearnagh to solo Grand Central. The group were having their lunch, and all seemed very pleasant. We climbed our route, and half an hour later, on our descent, the group had moved on, but had left a considerable amount of rubbish! I looked over the wall at the saddle, and there they were bumbling along the pad about 500 yards away. I quickly swapped my sticky boots for my fell shoes, and sprinted off in pursuit. After an ultimatum had been given, I escorted them back to clear up…’s an education thing….or lack off!! 😦 x

  2. What a great story, I think back to when I was a little punk [no I didn’t dress as one] I had a big mouth, a bit gobby and thoughtless with it. No better way to learn than have someone make you aware of your own actions. It’s easy not to care about the consequences of our actions, to turn your head away but when someone makes you look at what you’ve done and when it’s staring you in the face – anything from litter, to peoples feelings, misuse of your own body – then the truth is difficult to escape.

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