Sarah’s date 25 ~

We’re all so different, aren’t we…

made of the same substance, but with individual programs/brains, falling for the illusion that we’re separate is understandable.  Our choice to me is the greatest gift going, and interestingly I’ve always wanted to have the ability to choose.  Don’t tell me what I should have, or what I have to have, tell me whats available and let me decide.  For the longest time I have strove to be in the position of having a choice, but do you see, part of the illusion is that I think I have to work toward it as though I wasn’t born with it.

An illusion fuelled since the beginning of time, or so I believe, too many of us strive for material possessions that once we own don’t make us any happier and we wonder why.  We strive for the better jobs because we need this and that, once we have the better paying jobs we spend more creating the illusion we need to earn more and there in lie’s the never ending circle/ illusion of wanting and needing.  I play my part, just because I see it doesn’t mean I am immune to it.  I’m happy that I have learned an ability to survive on the bare essentials, but then there is an argument “well why would you survive on the bare essentials when you could choose to live with whatever you wanted”. Don’t get caught out, this sentence hides a falsehood * the universe will never give a person what they ‘want’, telling the universe you want something is reinforcing you are without, to activate and attract you CHOOSE it “I am happy” “I am in love” “I am wealthy”. Being specific is a must though, you could be happy with an ice cream after your dinner, you could be in love with your cat, you could be wealthy in knowledge or friendship.  There is nothing wrong with money it’s how people use it, choose to distribute it, money moves like all things that make up the universe, to hold on to anything will create a stagnant situation within your life.  Be generous in all areas and the universe will return to you, what you have put out.

I consider myself lucky to have glimpsed a hugely different lifestyle than what I was born into.  Reality brought me crashing back down to earth when I broke up with my first fiance and began to wait tables in the type of hotels he would take me to.  I was on the opposite side of the table, it was the strangest of experiences but one that did me a wealth of good!  We broke up in part because we were growing in different directions, I was heading toward the ‘spiritual’ gig and well he was a corporate business man.  His self image and possessions spoke of his level of success and I became aware of my disillusioned lifestyle.  That’s not to say that a little bit of everything isn’t ok, we should treat ourselves well, be happy within so that we can share happiness, there is no right or wrong, or there shouldn’t be!

From where I stand and peer out, there are many different worlds within life, bubbles.  We all create bubbles, some people are fortunate and come across other people with similar bubbles, they get along swimmingly perhaps life long friendships are made.  Others try to make themselves fit inside a bubble that isn’t big enough to hold their dreams, or for others perhaps the bubble is about to burst and whoever dwells within this bubble finds their own mini world crashes down around them once the POP happens.  Bubbles within bubbles that are peoples choices, choices made freely or based on an illusion of a material world built on greed.  If we’re lucky we get to a point where our choices are made freely, able to accept all manner of consequences and thanking the universe for its lessons.

I’m forever blowing bubbles, pretty bubbles in the air, they fly so high nearly reach the sky, then like my dreams they fade and die.  Fortunes always hiding I’ve looked everywhere, I’m forever blowing bubbles pretty bubbles in the air.


This song has always resonated with me, it’s kind of dreamy and goes with my daydreamy nature!  It speaks in other ways, there is a depth to it if you want there to be, as I’ve heard many a time “how far down the rabbit hole do you want to go?” [from What the Bleep Do We Know]

have a cheery week

one day at a time 🙂



3 thoughts on “Sarah’s date 25 ~

  1. Excellent!!! Very, very true!! I think we’re all a bit guilty of the “I wants” to some degree?? I have some nice things; usually ancient things that I’ve had for an eternity, but they do the job, and why change, renew, upgrade etc, when it still does the job!!?? Example…I get a real kick outta being in the mountains, and usually get some strange looks from the “North Face” brigade, with their triple-point-ceramic-Gore-Tex gear! They see me approaching in my old Swandri shirt, breeches, and 30yr old rucsac….just Me on my own. There’s usually about 8 of them…probably some rambling group….and usually staring vacantly into their map; all adorned in North Face’s finest!!
    As I approach, I usually ask the inevitable…”Lost, are we??” , and then guide them on their way. You nearly always hear them quarreling with each other as they procceed on their jaunt….whos fault, told you so, etc!!…..A few months ago, Poppy & I encountered one of these groups in the Mournes, and I kid you not, this was the exchange…
    THEM…”Sorry, but could you help us here?”
    ME…”Sure, what’s the problem??”
    THEM…”We’re trying to find Chimney Rock Mountain!??”
    ME…”You’re standing on it!!!”
    Yes, I’ve some nice, albeit old, gear…but it gets me out into nature, and makes me very happy….I just enjoy the trip then, but alot of peeps have £££’s of gear, and iut obviously doesn’t bring them any closer to the enviroment that they bought it for….nor any happier, as they seem to spend all day getting frustrated & arguing!!!…….Strange world…..but great!!! 🙂 x

  2. ha, ha, the North Face brigade, awh bless! Love how clothes change how people feel but also when other people see them in a specific get up what thoughts are pulled forward 🙂

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