Sarah’s date 26 ~

I was born on the 26th day of May, since this is the 26th artist date I feel I’d like to make this post half decent which invariably means I’ve just put pressure on myself, judged the blog, condemned the flow of words… maybe I can rewind, technically its only my mind that has done a dance, my finger tips have yet to seal my fate!

My 26th year was quite fabulous although I didn’t realise this at the time, I decided to go back to school, I partied, worked part time, life was only as difficult as I made it.  Little did I comprehend, this was the last year I would live life as I had experienced it for some time.  From a free, single and with no attachments perspective.

Isn’t it unusual that few of us appreciate who we are RIGHT NOW, think about it.  For instance when I was 18 years old I didn’t feel comfortable in my own skin but I look back and think my body was pretty happening 😀 I say this with respect for how my body is now.   I’ve observed men and women looking at past pictures of themselves, without realising it they voice how great they looked or felt back then in comparison to how they look or feel now, not aware that if they took a snap shot in the moment of voicing this realisation they would in years to come say exactly the same thing about themselves NOW.

Do you get what I mean, I suppose it’s a little of “we only have now”, by all means certainly live in the moment it’s the only true reality BUT do you see and understand the paradox.  It was a crack of light to my mind and illuminated the perception I held for myself.  There won’t be the opportunity to go back and have my thirty something mind put into my eighteen year old body but oh boy would the world have something to deal with then, ha ha!  I’m going to be cheesy now and quote a film, even worse I’m going to quote Brad Pitt from TroyYou will never be lovelier than you are now.

Regardless of whether you are male or female, life’s journey takes its toll upon many aspects of our lives.  It’s not about who’s had the harder life, who’s walked the longer path, take yourself away from any comparison or label, know that you are an individual, just as worthy as anyone, all in the same note, all in the same token.  I didn’t find this easy to begin with and honestly I still struggle with body imagine on occasion because of the unrealistic views today’s society projects regarding men and women’s bodies.

All you have to remember is “You will never be more lovelier than you are now”

with or without muscles,

with no hair or extra, growing in places it shouldn’t!!

Self imagine doesn’t mean neglecting yourself, your style or fashion, taking a step back from comparison, the latest must have’s.  Releasing judgement of what makes you valid, symbols of success for today’s society will only ever anchor you, weigh you down.  Have and enjoy what makes you happy, nothing wrong with trinkets 🙂

It’s when we feel a ‘need’ for these things, replace and distract ourselves, waking up one day to the hip and happening person we’ve molded ourselves into.  Yeah so cool, we scratch our heads wondering why we feel so empty, casting an eye over trinkets, gadgets and toys.  Yep we have everything right…. but absolutely nothing.

Find your own illumination, allow yourself to bask in a moment of self love for

“you’ll never be more lovelier than you are now”.

for all the lovely people

have a lovely week 🙂



3 thoughts on “Sarah’s date 26 ~

  1. I always say that you can not love anyone, unless you can love yourself first!!….This is not vanity….it’s just fact!! We have to be happy within ourselves in order to be totally comfortable with others!! 🙂 Can I also be so bold to say, that you have nothing to be self-conscious about, regards “looks”…..and I don’t mean this in a ghastly-ogly-way!!!….You are a very beautiful person….aesthetically, and spiritually…..but I understand how you might (have) felt when you were a younger woman…..obviously modelling, and the pressures that comes with that???….It would only be natural in the early stages to get swept along with the “publicity-Gezstapo” and want to do your job….but with age & experience, comes strength & confidence, and only then, can we pick & choose our gigs!!!…..Sorry for waffling…hope this makes sense??? :/ In essence, …You mention snapshots of our lives….well photography has always been a passion with me, so I’ll stick my neck out here, and say that I know what I’m talking about!!???
    It’s been said, that …”A picture speaks a thousand words”……THEY DO!!! You take a good retrospect over pics of Yourself over the years, and they all tell a story… is….only You knows that story!!! 🙂 x

    1. ha, ha, you’re so funny, making me giggle here and you won’t realise why – I don’t view myself as a model, never have because I’ve only ever done a bit of ‘PR’ work.. Yes I completely agree, love begins with yourself, you have to love yourself before you can love another, I think it’s more of an acceptance and liking yourself opposed being narcistic. Pictures are great and I love that they can make people think something more exciting is happening that what really is or that they can hold secret truths eg. two people enamoured with one another 🙂
      The blog refers to the natural body, shell, spaceship even that is carrying our souls, depending on each of our life journeys it deteriorates but we should never abandon our love for ourselves because aesthetically society declares it is no longer desirable.

      1. …I’ll not ask why!!! 😉 lol
        The term “model” is a bit naff…..consider yourself as an “Ambassador”!!! 🙂
        We are purely & simply energy….E=MCsqrd !!! Some have good energy….some bad!! Energy can’t be created, nor can it be destroyed… simply changes, or passes from one state, to another!!!…..Thats my belief anyway…and I’m sticking to it!! 😉

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