Sarah’s date 27~

I love looking at the world, thinking back I realise I’ve always watched people, that might sound a little creepy to some folk.  This in part is what I would like to chat about, I’ve experienced people misinterpreting my actions or emails, the words that I write/type/speak.

We could all read one sentence and each take a different meaning from it, such is life right?

Honestly it’s an issue that is ‘teaching’ me patience, pause and understanding, that sounds a little too perfect though doesn’t it.  Perhaps, days gone by I would have gladly throttled a couple of people, retaliated negative with negative but believe me when I try to explain, the negative retaliation will only ever spiral out of control.

Once upon a time I expended too much energy in being offended, I never realised how much of my time was taken up by thinking others were being thoughtless, snippy, cheeky or just down right ignorant.  This would lead to WHY, why would this person or that person treat me this way.  Then my mind would run away with negativity, it could probably have won a gold medal in the – spiral sprint of negativity!

So, I might like to ask you to try something, take a snippy/short message, pick one or do this continuously with all your messages for a day or longer.  Read as you normally would, don’t give your thoughts power straight away, don’t allow your mind to run with “this is a bit cheeky” “that’s a bit short”.  Pause, breathe, take a step back…. Now release the annoyance you feel in your chosen perspective of this message. [you could read a second time with a happy, smiley image/voice just to jolt your mind, distract it from where it usually takes you]

You have the power to rotate, slide, turn, CHANGE your perspective.  Regardless of how any message is sent to you, regardless of the senders intent, you have the ability, the power to change how it resides with you.  But you have to stop yourself from wanting to throttle the sender or poke ’em in the eye, ha ha, not easy I’m sure you know.  Of course there is discipline and practice to this, it’s quite something though when you realise you haven’t acted in the manner that you were supposed to.  You go to respond as you normally would and then the penny drops, clarity sets in and there is a sense of achievement that you didn’t answer back as you normally would.  You didn’t feed the negative spiral, YOU actually stopped it in it’s tracks.  You demonstrated control and this crack of light, understanding is almost like being freed from chains, they drop away from you.

Now there are MANY different levels of emails, messages, conversations by no means do I expect everyone to agree with me here.  Occasionally some folk are simply being thoughtless in the manner they put themselves across.  In my mind it can work at all levels but I only have the experience of this skin that I’m in, I can’t know others hardship or aggravations.

Releasing your annoyance of how others convey themselves will make your life easier, happier, or just little more content.  I’m still practicing but I’m happier when I’m able to step back, it no longer serves me to get caught up or embroiled in negative situations that feed folk who ultimately are unhappy within themselves.

Best wishes for a happy,

perspective altering week [no drugs required!]

sd 😀


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