Sarah’s date 28~

Double wammy this week folks only because I was minding my own business then BOOM an article hit me right up the face.  I would do well to let my mind settle for a day but I’d rather use myself as an example 🙂

Plus I like talking to you all [myself] it helps me digest and work through irritating issues!

The following article is on yahoo, it highlights an interview between a British tv soap actor and a New Zealand interviewer.–says-bill-roache-%E2%80%93-daily-tv-round-up-094055053.html

It would be better for you to read the article yourself, but the statement below is causing a bit of drama;

Coronation Street‘s William Roache has caused outrage after claiming that victims of sexual abuse are being punished for sins in previous lives.

I wish I had the discipline to read this with a ‘happy’ voice, with an open minded perspective but the truth is I don’t care to!! [see Sarah’s date 27]

Not because his point of view is invalid but rather I know how many young people will suffer a negative spiral from his words.  I know that teenagers and young adults who have been abused will read this statement, digest it and unless they have the strength to process the words positively, depending a persons level of awareness.  Their minds have the potential to take this statement and run the ‘spiral sprint of negativity’ 😦

It’s clear to me this man has some level of awareness, he is apparently involved in the Pure Love Movement.  Really – my mind echoes, the Pure Love Movement, Hmmm well I’m apart of no formal movement but each day I try to choose my words carefully, so that I negatively affect fewer people.  Was there no better way, perhaps with a little empathy that Mr Roache could have put his opinion across?

Of course this is in itself the spider web of the universe, the world, life, we each imprint upon one another and our words come back to us.  We can’t always cause positive feelings in others, a lot is learned from negative experiences.  It is a sort of paradox, contradiction even that life serves up.

Let me make myself visible to you all with regard to my thoughts, I DO believe we are born again into different life cycles, to experience, to reMEMBER. I DO NOT believe ‘bad’ things happen to us in this life because we did ‘bad’ in a past one.  I do not believe it’s a ‘lottery roll over’ we do sign up for this journey, we have chosen all of our experiences.  The idea can be difficult to digest, it’s not a concept I push on people or even speak of often as it was horse pill for me to swallow!

I will never forget how I felt as a teenager when I was told by my dads friend, a spiritual woman who seemed wise and all knowing, she told me “what has happened to you hear is due to the wrong you have done in a past life” I was 14 years old.  I had barely decided what I believed in let alone allowed my mind and body to work as one.  Sitting as she bestowed this pearl I let it sink in, I allowed her words to make me feel worse about myself, because I hadn’t reached a stage of awareness were I could digest or appreciate her perspective.

Is Mr Roache SHAMEFUL for making this statement, no I don’t believe so.

Is he a terrible human being for voicing this controversy, no I don’t believe so.

Was the intent behind the statement pure love, no I don’t believe so.

His words have illuminated the level of love he extends his fellow beings for what of animals who are abused by humans, Ooooh…. that must be a different issue all together.  The Pure Love Movement you say, sounds fancy… Occasionally folk are thoughtless in the manner they put themselves across, no matter though, be assured there are many that make up the balance of positive and negative.

much love



3 thoughts on “Sarah’s date 28~

  1. I met William Roache briefly at a charity do years ago!! I must say, he’s a very pompous, self righteous, and arrogant person….that was my thought anyway…and was probably only at the function for a considerable appearance fee, if truth be told!! 😦
    We generally get our traits from our parents, older siblings and role models, growing up….monkey see-monkey do!! We are taught good & bad habits, manners, and our personality develops accordingly. We might go off the rails as we get older, due to different experiences and pressures…..and again, we might come good due to inspirations!!?? I also believe that in a small percentage, there are some who are born evil…well, at least born with some chemical imbalance, and their actions can’t be put down to any “bad parenting”, or “dubious potty-training”!! :/
    It is criminal however, to tell children that they were bad in a past life, etc…..that’s just gonna develop complexes, and is psychological bullying!!! Anyone who would do this, has obviously got some very deep issues, and demons within themselves!! :/

    1. Hilarious that you’ve met him :-O and do you know from the picture on yahoo I was sensing a little arrogance but obviously cause I’ve never met him I thought I was being judgemental!!
      “dubious potty-training” ha ha, you are funny chez 🙂

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