Sarah’s date 29~

How do you see yourself, how does it compare to how others see you?

Perhaps you’re similar to me, maybe you aren’t concerned with others thoughts of you.  You don’t accept their thoughts of who you are so they don’t belong to you.  But isn’t how someone see’s you different from what they think of you?

It’s most likely one in the same, if it isn’t exactly the same then they are linked concepts, a visual image leading to an idea or body of thought.  A picture transformed into music, you might think that’s impossible but I don’t, it’s all movement 🙂

I’m between worlds right now 😀

Trying to shed a dead skin, practicing embracing a new one, regressing occasionally I try to step back into the old suit.  There is nothing safe about it anymore, I have managed to tip the scales having lived in between the social realm we are all born into and the parallel that is freedom [for me].  Negotiating freedom is not as easy as one might think, but if you’re kind with yourself you accept there is no perfect, and that regression is part of the learning curve.

I was inspired by a new online magazine there are a couple of good articles in it, see below;

Corrina Steward writes about “Being Multi-dimensional in a 3rd dimensonal world”.  Drawn in by the title I began to realise that I have experienced some of the things she writes about.  However I wouldn’t use the same examples only because my life is different, just as all of our perspectives are individual.  Interestingly I was at a party listening to a conversation about Universal Geometry I think is how it was put, described as symbols that make up the Universe and how these symbols or shapes can be found everywhere.  Visually – sort of like The Matrix, at end of the movie when Keanu Reeves SEE’S and becomes the matrix, a Universal code.  Coming back to reality [I use this term losely] the conversation involved how our Universe vibrates and that how all things move, of course not everyone is aware or has the discipline to see this constantly.

Throws a different slant on people seeing people, do we look at what is in front of us, clothes labels, body type, character?  Where a person has come from, what they’ve achieved [materially] at the very moment we’re talking with them or their aspirations of where they’re going.  I’ve heard it said that Jesus had the discipline, level of awareness, compassion to see a person as their higher self, regardless of how that person stood before him.

Imagine if we all had the potential to see people for who they really are, their higher selves,

truth is, I think we all do have the ability we just need to remember, connect, be open.

I wonder how much of a difference it would make, how would this world we live in recreate itself, as we create,

as we move, grow, morph…

I will leave it down to you,

to do the dance from a glance or to step closer [roll up, roll up] for the chance of a life time.

There is also an excellent article called Fly Me to the Soon within better life choices online magazine.

Have an open minded week 🙂

much love



One thought on “Sarah’s date 29~

  1. Very good Sarah!! I’ve never really thought about how I perceive myself….I suppose I’m lucky that way….very content with my lot, and have a very simple existance, which I’m very grateful for!! 🙂
    How others see me…..well, I don’t care!!!….There’s only a very few peeps whose opinions & thoughts I would worry about….and because they are very good friends, who know me properly….I don’t have to worry about what they think…..Ironic really!!?? 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Have a great week Yourself too, and remember……We can think too much!!….Things that are natural don’t need any thought…’s the same as instinct!!….A bird doesn’t need to think about the physics of flight, when it leaves the nest….it just dos it!! 🙂

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