Sarah’s date 30~

A little delayed this week, but better late than never I like to think!

So lately I’ve been noting obvious issues affecting people, surface stuff, things that are made apparent through posts on social sites, or verbal conversations as well as stories in the news.  Interestingly – it has come to my attention that I like to observe, whether it be reading on-line articles, my friends Facebook pages, WordPress blogs or observing a conversation you’re having with someone else.

Now some people might think that’s not possible but since my mind dwells in a place where all things are possible I believe it can be done.  I find that if I am being a ‘listener’ instead of emotionally involved in a conversation it is easier to observe what issue is causing pain/anguish to the other person/people.  This may sound a little detached and you wouldn’t be wrong in thinking this way, however I believe it is a useful tool in helping others.  It can become too easy in a conversation to add your ‘two cents’ worth, this is when we become embroiled emotionally, giving strength to already negative feelings the other person is having.  It may seem like the friendly thing to do, after all you’re agreeing with your brother, sister, friends point of view.  You may think if anyone hurts my friend I’ll hurt them [easy tiger!].

I’ve seen posts on Facebook recently boasting a REAL friend is someone who takes on their friends problems and makes them their own.  A buzzer goes off in my head as though this is an incorrect answer [as relative as the term correct or incorrect gets].  My perspective is you should never take on another persons ‘problems’ not because I’m cold and detached but because very few people are disciplined enough to not fuel the situation down further, toward an already negative spiral.  So what should be done for friends and family… give them support, give them your TIME, give them your love.  Let them know whatever they decide you will be there for them, allowing a person to take their own course/path in life is the greatest gift.  My dad used to say to me when all my female friends would fall out with each other, “never get embroiled in another man’s warfare” this could be deciphered in many ways but I believe I took the best meaning from it at the time.

[*this is only one avenue of example for the above topic]

So in seeing this rhythm of unhappiness, reading the issues, overhearing issues, experiencing them myself.  My thoughts were well how can we help each other, while still allowing everyone the right to make their own choices?  And I couldn’t help but notice, help is everywhere people have begun to help one another, it can be seen at many levels online – articles, blogs, websites, teachers, seminars.  Which is inspirational it’s part of the larger change that is occurring, I feel the need to admit but am somewhat hesitant to write, some of the ‘inspirational’ video’s people put up are sometimes without consideration for ALL people.  This is like a can of worms [variables of life] as I mentioned above ‘at many levels’ people are helping each other on-line.  So who am I to say someone is being inconsiderate if they are promoting happiness, abundance of the universe, reasons life shouldn’t be hard, how to get everything you’ve ever wanted etc.

I have on many occasion wanted to roll around the floor in kinks of laughter as I hear a celebrity pop star telling everyone through their singing that money isn’t everything.  I shouldn’t laugh because this is in fact part of their journey in this life cycle.  But similarly I watched a YouTube video of a young girl promoting happiness and self love, it had been beautifully edited with wonderful quotes.  However it became apparent throughout the video this girl was not hard up and after some research I found that she has her own make up company all at the age of possibly early twenties.  Excuse me if I sound a little careless but I can only imagine life being easier if you’re young and have attained the privilege of partly owning an international make up company.

We are all living different levels of existence, I can’t help but feel slight irritation when watching someone tell the world through a YouTube video “life doesn’t have to be hard, really it doesn’t”, there are of course honest words in this reflective statement, however life is still hard for many beings around the globe.  I see a corner has been turned and the masses want better lives, we want to be happier, healthier, to live in peace.

Please don’t misinterpret what I have written, I love that so many people are putting out positive perspectives – reach for the stars, you can have whatever you want, the universe is abundant.  Lets not forget anyone though, lets not be so blinded by our own joy that we leave someone behind.

No soul left behind

through thought,


by a graceful hand,

that is your’s and mine.

have a wonderful week,

don’t forget to smile,

“it won’t crack your face” is what my dad would say 🙂


P.s – I took this from a Facebook post, loved the perspective, enjoy!

 Rob Brezsny’s Free Will Astrology‘s

The water you drink is three billion years old, give or take five million years. The stuff your body is made of is at least 10 billion years old, probably older, and has been as far away as 100,000 light-years from where it is right now.

The air you breathe has, in the course of its travels, been literally everywhere on the planet, and has slipped in and out of the lungs of almost every human being who has ever lived.

Would you act differently if you had a visceral sense of these facts? What unprecedented behavior might you express?



One thought on “Sarah’s date 30~

  1. Couldn’t agree more!! The best thing we can do for peeps who need support, or help, is to just listen!!…Most people like to say their bit, but subconsciously, in doing so…they are usually dealing with unresolved issues within themselves and not the person affected!!
    Years ago, I thought I was an agony-aunt, as alot of peeps would come to me with their probs, heartaches & sobs….”Uncle Paul” was what most called me!!!…..I seem to attract ’em!!! I didn’t mind, infact, I felt priviledged that they trusted me and felt comfortable with me to confide with!! I would just simply listen….which is usually enough, as it’s just a huge release for them to get it of their chest, but sometimes, if relevent, I’d offer some advice….but ALWAYS the offer to be there to listen!!
    Dunno if I’ve shared this old Maori proverb before, but I love it…
    “Turn your face towards the sun, and the shadows fall behind you”
    🙂 Have a Gr8 week too!! 🙂

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