Sarah’s date 33~

At a loss this week, not sure if it’s because I blogged extra last week 🙂


I’ve noticed we’re all feeding each other and where it can’t be taken in the literal it will be in the emotional sense of the meaning.  For – all the people who are starving it is hope that carries them, thoughts fueled by hope of knowing better days.

So if our words [in part] are food, on a scale of 1-10 how nourishing is your vocabulary?

Do you give a compliment only to take it away in the same sentence or are you happy with a willful heart sharing and spreading the love.

Having experienced people who try to work me, meaning there are those who fully realise the power of words, nifty quotes, that may actually be used out of context.  Say person (a) has a positive association to an empowering sentence, person (b) serves it up nicely as though offering supportive words but layers positive with some negative, playing on or testing issues person (a) is self-conscious about.  It can be a stealthy way of keeping someone caught up in their own issues instead of pointing them happily toward the end of the tunnel.

What about ‘Reverse’ psychology, it amuses me when someone boldly tries this on me [still] and depending on the situation/person I’ll boldly call them on it!  I’m certainly immune to nothing and as susceptible to manipulation as we all can be however a little bit of detachment can go a very long way in these situations.  Stepping back from the initial confusion, doubt, pause, remember in that moment who you are [regardless of how much you’ve managed to figure out about yourself at this point] hold on to those thoughts, remain anchored by the positive and knowingly or not allow all else to wash over you, take a deep breath and smile.  You are secure in yourself ~

Detachment, I’ve been hearing a lot about it, the word itself can be somewhat misinterpreted but then aren’t most things like this in life.  If you don’t imagine so, take anything, yes anything and apply it to the rest of your life.  Believe it or not anything from feelings to products to words are metamorphic [in my opinion].  It’s similar to me saying a painting can become music and you think well how can that be its solid and music isn’t!!  A different perspective is all that stands in the way of understanding all of life’s little gems, languages, cuisine, outlooks, products, needs, wants etc.

We’re always moving, we’re always feeding, dancing with each other, telling stories, there is so much more to sustain our being than the obvious.

I had also been thinking about how much we hide from each other in terms of who we really our or what we really like to do.  Why isn’t our society more visible and in part [I believe] it’s to do with what is viewed as acceptable.  And the more we deprive or falsely feed each other the worse off our community, friendships or any relationship will be.

Take sexual relations, you meet someone, you like them, enjoy their company, but they aren’t being completely honest about who they are.  It’s not that they’re evil or purposely misleading you but perhaps they like something unusual in the bedroom department [I’m hesitant to set a scale for what this might be as we are ALL different].  So because one person ‘thinks’ what they like is a bit naughty, not ‘acceptable’ they may hide to a certain extent.   They really like their new partner but through fear of not being understood they risk throwing it all away.  If you hide who you are, you aren’t being honest in verbal or physical communication, for anything to survive the pathways of communication have to remain clear and regular maintenance is a must!

Take a platonic relationship, the same could be applied the layers of friendship are different but by no meanings any less relevant.

Take a working relationship, if you aren’t honest about your ability or experience you’re hiding and in hiding you are not being honest in your verbal or physical communication.  If you say you have the tools to fix the problem but it turns out you don’t, usually the sad fact is you’re not just risking your own happiness but everyone’s around you… and beyond.

So on a scale of 1-10 how nourishing is your vocabulary, does it allow others to be themselves, encourage them to be visible or are you unwittingly reinforcing a repressed way of life?

I myself over recent months have been trying to adjust my thoughts, be open and honest, it will amaze you how your mouth and vocab follow suit.

Rushed words hide nothing, for as rushed as they come out, they are propelled to the ears, mind and ether.  Lost to the days and length of time that it will take to put right the wrong feelings that are a consequence for all of our negative, repressed selves.

love. light. and healing

don’t for get to smile, you matter [and are matter 😀 ]



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