The date that never ends, Sarah’s 35~

I was supposed to be somewhere else this evening, no, not retrospectively, I actually should be an hour and half from where I’m sitting now.  In a completely polar opposite environment, I find myself sipping chamomile tea and listening to Native American flute music [] as I type my blog BUT I should have been in a bar surrounded by lots of new faces, most likely different music playing in my ear [I don’t know any N.Irish bar that plays meditation music, ha, ha] with lots of different smells no doubt lingering in the air.

And I can’t help but wonder, did I make the right decision?

Have you ever experienced this type of moment, it’s not life or death, it comes down to choice, you’re not being cajoled or made to feel guilty if you say “No” and you see your morning, afternoon, evening or week could go either two ways, interesting isn’t it.  Because once you make that decision, take a step down one path you know more than likely there will be branch off decisions that lead you further away from that other choice you had, that stretch of space that was a place somewhere else in time.

I’ve always enjoyed the idea behind the movie Sliding Doors, and visually in part that is perhaps what I’m chatting about here.

Who might I have met, would I have bumped into a handsome man and flirted the night away, could I have had a simple conversation with someone, made them laugh or smile forcing them to forget troubles or worries that will revisit them in the morrow, Monday.  Could someone have eased my mind with a bit of banter or ‘craic’, paid me a compliment making me smile for a week.  Or on the drive down could I have blown a tire, never making it to my destination but instead finding myself stranded in the pouring rain, waiting for a tow.

There can be many variables to now, I don’t believe there’s a right or wrong answer.  It helps if you make the decision based on what you truly want, instead of what someone else wants for you or wants you to do.  For me making the best decision for myself is the best recipe for having the least amount of regret.  I’ve seen regret have a choke hold on many a man, woman, it can lead to a never ending roller coaster of ‘What if’s’ simply because a person was never happy with the path they picked.

Sure I have a couple of regrets but it’s down to a persons perspective [I believe] if I didn’t make the ‘mistakes’ I’ve made I wouldn’t be where I am now, if I wasn’t where I find myself now I wouldn’t have a son, I would never have stopped life to take a writing class and if I wasn’t a writer I wouldn’t have just been funded by Northern Ireland Screen to make one of my short stories into a short film!  Is this going to transform my life instantly, well no, but I’ve been building my life back up from an unfortunate decision, layers, I’ll get there 🙂

Here’s where I’m going to rotate our view of the conversation, I believe we’re all in other places living other perspectives of life, all at once.  People speak of reincarnation as those there is a stop, start, a beginning and an end to life, there are debates about this of course.  I would talk endlessly to a cousin, almost exasperated at the idea or concept not because I didn’t believe it but because what USE where other parallels or branch off’s to my conscious life here, now, what I deem to be ‘real’ and why on earth would that need to be possible.  If a person’s life can flash by them in the blink of an eye, can a whole life time be lived in a blink of an eye?  This personally leads me to think what is possible or impossible which is a relative term,  meaning the value being measured is related to other variables, and as such, cannot be assigned a constant outcome.

And so where am I going with all this, well I could be going somewhere or no where, which is still a space or place in time.  I’m hoping that you’ll consider some of the above and as you move forward with decisions you’ll try to make the best choices for you.  Because in making the best choices for yourself you’ll be positively impacting those around you.  Even the choices that seem wrong may in fact be moving you toward a path that branches off to a positive place [so remember to breath].  There will be many levels of decision making awaiting you with multiple outcomes/consequences.   Never fear making the decision and never look back.

Accept that your choices have taught you a lot about life, about Who You Are.

I hear it’s never too late for a Brand New Start – Paul Weller 🙂

have an amazing week

enjoy making decisions that are positive for you



One thought on “The date that never ends, Sarah’s 35~

  1. In life, you have to go with your instincts!!!….Don’t think….just do!!!….If you think, you’ll contaminate the proccess….instinct & reflexes come out on tops!!! 🙂 …..Let me share an example, if you please???
    Yesterday, my old Bud Merv called in….he wanted me to tag-along to Ringhaddy with him, where his yacht is…..wanted me to help align his prop-shaft, wire & plumb the engine up after a major overhaul!!! No probs…, off we scutted, and not long later, I found myself scaling up his rickety, old wooden ladder, when….WHAM!!!!…..Without any warning, my left foot went clean through a round of the rotten ladder, catching the back of my knee on the round below, flipping me upside down, and about to fall 4′ onto my head….on concrete!!! Thing is, I’d no time to think….instinct & reflex took over!!! The brain (even mine) is a fantastic thing… can proccess this in a nanosecond, and send out the various signals to the various limbs & appendages to take over!!!…..OK, I might be very bruised, and a bit sore today….BUT, if I had time to “think”, instead of my brain thinking for me….I may not be typing this!!!????…In esscence, your gut thought/reaction is ALWAYS the right one!!!….I think anyway!!!
    On another note, I’m chuffed to bits that one of your stories might be filmized!!!:-) If you need any help with this, I’ve a mate (Paul”Spud”Murphy), who’s a film maker from here, but based in London now. He specializes in short films, fly-on-the-wall-documentaries, etc,!!??? Your work is excellent, and should be given the credit it deserves!! 🙂

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