Sarah’s date 38~

I can’t help but smile, Sarah’s date thirty-eight rhymes, ha ha, little amuses the innocent.  I want my blog this week to have an air of “if you’re happy and you know it clap your hands, if you’re happy and you know it clap your hands…”.  Over recent years I have gradually endeavored to bring my default setting from negative to positive and without a doubt I can tell you it’s only put me in good stead for dealing with all of life’s little surprises!

Incorporating positive thought and action changes how you speak to people, how you complete daily tasks, effects what you choose to eat and generally alters your life.  It changes aspects of a person, and I say this because I haven’t lost myself wholly to it yet, not even on the final stretch, I view it as infinite.  I’m not convinced that losing myself to anything is the way I want to live life, do YOU believe there are any downsides to a person losing themselves to positivity.  It’s a different angle, if we changed positive to negative meaning if I asked do you believe there is a downside to losing yourself to negativity I’m sure most of you would jump straight up and say “NO, it’s not a great idea to lose yourself to negative feelings or thoughts!”

I have something to admit…

This week I have struggled with terrible feelings, negative, heavy, dark thoughts.  I’ve realised when life tests you, when it serves up a situation, the type you lose sleep over the type that makes you go and buy cigarettes even though you quite 10 years ago, the type you bite your nails over, WHY, because it’s the type of situation you feel you have no control over.  Realisation sets in you’re going to have to make your way through meetings, you’ll have to compose yourself professionally, deal with paper work and/or governing bodies.  Putting yourself across precisely is a must, there is no room for error, you’ve only got one shot to make a balanced impression, to convince a complete stranger that you’re not lying.

On the run up to this point in time, this meeting your nerves take over, you experience a range of emotion, you’re angry, annoyed, you want everything put right, put back to the way it was, but you know it will never fit back.  The puzzle that is your life has changed shape and the pieces will never fit back in the same place.

I have something to admit…

Thankfully my terrible thoughts have brought me to a place beyond feeling, I have come out the end of a tunnel.  I have cried, I have said horrible things, I’ve written them all on paper, no longer are they trapped inside and I can BREATHE.

I am only human, I can’t always maintain a positive thought pattern when I experience testing moments.  We all find ourselves in challenging times, it is important to find a place beyond the negative thoughts and feelings, if not for yourself then for everyone around you.  Don’t resist negative feelings or thoughts because they will persist until you deal with them, work through them, use them to understand Who You Are.  For your actions will surely speak louder than your words.


I think I’m ready to look…

have a lovely week ahead 🙂



One thought on “Sarah’s date 38~

  1. Hey….hope all’s OK??? :/ You know you’re not alone if times are hard; or you don’t have to be!!! 🙂 Just shout if there’s anything you need….even an ear to listen!! 🙂 x

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