Sarah’s date 40~

The sun is shining how could I not smile…

there are some pearly grey clouds in the background, such is life! 🙂

I’m a fan of huge pearly grey clouds against the various bright greens of the spring/summer sunshine, patches of bright blue dotted in the sky forming a surreal visual effect.  The air is a little muggy it has all the signs of a storm coming.

I’ve often heard of a quote about two wolves that live within each of us,

4fe241e857324            two-wolves

Now I haven’t for a long time used the terms ‘good’ and ‘evil’ to describe a person.  It may be the budding writer in me who looks to other descriptive words.  Regardless of the reason I find it suits me to speak of positive and negative.  No doubt you all choose to voice yourselves in a way that suits you, such is the human disposition! 🙂

Back to the quote, I’ve always thought it interesting and I do genuinely like the concept, it’s a powerful way to put a point across and I think it resonates with a large number of people.  Honestly though there was a nonchalant manner in which I previously agreed with it, I could sense the truth behind it, I could read how easily digestible it is for many people.  The words are simple but arranged beautifully leaving little room for misinterpretation, there is no mistaking the intention.

Over the last couple of weeks I believe I am more akin to the concept than ever before, there is nothing nonchalant about how I view these words today!

Personal issues can turn into a type of torment, an over thinking anything makes it self-inflicted.  Each of us has the choice while these wolves are battling, a choice which at times can be taken for granted.  Let’s ponder that for a moment, we make choices at various levels every minute of everyday.  We make so many decisions we probably don’t fully realise we’re making them because when life becomes routine we have a tendency to slip to autopilot more and more.  Breaking the routine and living in the now takes a little practice but it’s very worthwhile once you move towards living life in awareness.  Now that might sound quite grand to some folk, don’t be put off let me assure you there are many varying levels, shapes, perspectives, colours to awareness and we all fit in somewhere 🙂 Of course I’m choosing these words to describe life, the universe or some of the angles it can be visible to you.

Back to me inflicting pain upon myself, we all do it unwittingly or not in part it comes down to forces outside of our control.  For me it came down to other people not seeing my perspective which encompasses the welfare of my son.  Now I’m not for one second stating everyone should see or agree with my perspective.   There have been lots of people who don’t understand my perspective, this is something I’ve learned to live with but when the issue involved my son’s happiness… Oh boy did it ever prove to be a cocktail of torture!!  His teacher and principle not seeing my perspective, having them question my son’s honesty but on top of that I had to deal with an upset, angry and confused little boy.  Only human I got caught up in thinking I needed their approval to move forward, fix the situation and secure my son’s happiness once again.  I realised because of the positions these people hold at some level I was seeking their approval, for them to ‘believe’ my perspective.  Forgetting that their words speak of who they are and have no bearing on Who I Am.


During this time of the battle, when each of us is torn or [understandably] we each fear losing the fight, it can all seem a little much the situation causes and dramatically impacts daily life, it can be difficult to adjust to.  Not many of us are disciplined to a level where we can see the lesson in losing, I struggle with the concept myself.  Making our way through individual battles is tough, listening to other people’s advice, deciding whether to take action or not and then dealing with the words that sometimes seal our fate.  It’s especially difficult when emotions are running high to not make mistakes or misjudge what is happening.  Never back yourself into a corner, stay as open as possible in your actions and words.  Focus on any positive aspect in your life, anchor yourself to these thoughts as though they were a beacon of light.  Sometimes it’s healthier for a person to just move on because if they don’t the issue at hand will eat them up from the inside out.

Mentally I’ve had these tug of war sessions when lying in bed or washing the dishes and I have to rein myself in because our thoughts are so powerful.  Don’t allow yourself to negatively obsess over any situation, think of the best outcome on focus on it, regardless of how you’ll get there.  If no one believes you, try to bide your time the truth of any situation will break through.  Not for one second am I telling you that this process is easy, it will in fact command every ounce of strength, patience and grace you can muster.   Stand strong within yourself, try not to shout in fact you will find you are stronger when you go beyond emotion.



I love pearly grey clouds against a patchy blue sky, the smell of rain in the air, has all the signs of a storm coming [inset a deep sigh] it has all the signs of a new beginning 🙂

wishing you a moment of clarity,

a droplet to make positive waves…


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2 thoughts on “Sarah’s date 40~

  1. You know, there’s good, bad, evil, love, neg & pos everywhere!! There is also little sub-categories like ignorance & denial, which is what I think you have experienced lately, re the bullying issue!! The sad thing is….these peoples ignorance & denial to the situation only fuel negativity, which can be dealt with by you….but pretty heavy for a 5 year old!!! However, I know you’d be all-over this one with regards to Jnr., and reassure, comfort & generally love him, but it’s something you shouldn’t have to do in an alien situation!! The best way to deal with situations like these….I feel…is turn them on their head! Be prepared, and make the blinkered feel threatened and vulnerable….not physically….yet…..but in a hypothetical way! Give them hypothetical examples to ponder on, where they, or their kids are the victems, and calmly leave them to it….a guilt-trip if you like!!! I like to think I’m a reasonable, positive, forward-thinking guy, but I have had to deal with peeps like these quite a few times over the years, and the secret is to take CONTROL of the situation from the start!!….You’re in the driving seat, and you make that very, very clear from the onset!! This is not being aggressive, it’s purely taking control. You have to prepare for the worse, and have a plan to deal with that….this isn’t being negative….it’s purely being prepared!!! Exude your confidence & authority over them….make them feel small….’cause at the end of the day, it’s them…or you, and if they have a pre-conceived, ignorant, blinkered answer already planned for you, even before you enter the room…..then they deserve it…..this isn’t vindictive…..this is a life lesson for them……quite possitive really!!! 😉
    BTW….the project looks like it’s coming-on nicely….don’t loose momentum, and again….Happy B’day!!! 🙂 x

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