Sarah’s date 41~

I think about life quite a bit during my ‘awake’ time, I do love to rest my mind, although too much of resting or thinking begins to have a downward spiral effect for me ~ life is a balance.

I often lie down to meditate during the day, sometimes I can be out walking in a forest with the dog, in the garden or maybe I just stop what I’m doing and lie down in the middle of the living room. I always feel better for just pausing, in fact this was once ‘homework’ given by my teacher [Casey Kochmer –] and I still try to practice it today.  We can all get caught up in the daily throng of happenings, I find it a unique perspective to just let everything around me flow by, take the time to smile at someone as they look to me quizzically.

In that moment I’ve stepped away from the mass movement that surrounds me.  It’s quite interesting how other people pick up on it.  Not everyone but I remember one of the first times I tried the whole standing still experience.  I was in the supermarket with crowds of people moving here and there rushing and I just stop, look around, breathe, two maybe three people in the minutes I take to be aware notice my stance, perhaps they realise I’m not moving to the rhythm of everyone else.  Meeting each individual gaze I feel a little vulnerable, almost as though I’m doing something I shouldn’t, caught in the act of something criminal 🙂

What I really want to chat about is intention behind intention, the supporting thoughts to our conscious thoughts.  I’ve noticed we can make ourselves look like we’re helping or verbally sound as though we support others yet the outcome or consequence to what we say or do tells a completely different story.  I believe supporting thoughts create the outcome, they can over ride the false smiles and nodding heads of people pretending to be compliant or agreeable.  So how we view people responding to questions or requests isn’t necessarily them showing their true intentions.

Have you ever met a person who no matter how patiently or thoroughly you explain what you need or how you need it done ALWAYS seems to misinterpret your thoughts or just doesn’t do what you ask?

Well I have and the process can be extremely frustrating unless you become aware of their rhythm, the persons character.  Trying to appreciate the other persons perspective may help there will be a flow to how they think just as there is movement to your mind and thoughts.  Don’t get caught up or pulled into their way of thinking, simply get to know them whether it’s in the workplace, at home you might live with this person or perhaps they are connected to you through someone else.

I believe there are many layers to our conscious and unconscious mind, however if a persons actions are based on [positive] true intention, meaning they are open and willing to help others in a positive graceful manner the outcome will be closely linked to the requested result.  When a being opens themselves up to the universe, mother nature, god or Buddha [to name a few] I believe we begin to move to the universal flow of all things.  We begin to move together creating our world, lets simplify that we don’t have to talk about this on a global scale.  We can bring it to an office environment, a family home or community centre.  We all have the ability to plug into one another, sense the needs of those around us, it’s completely down to choice whether we use our initiative or not.  The intentions behind our thoughts have the power to fully effect the outcome of any situation you’re involved in.

I believe our feelings about ourselves affect our ‘supporting’ thoughts, we look out from our bodies at a world and we have perceived notions about how others see us, what’s viewed cool, attractive and/or desirable.  So this matrix of how we regard ourselves effects what we do for others, or how we carry out simple tasks.

Some of you will smile and REVEL in the idea, knowing how fabulous this choice is others will squirm feeling a heaviness lay itself about their shoulders, fear of not liking yourself or making the wrong choice.  When we lose ourselves to negative thoughts, feelings of inadequacies, being useless, feeling jealous of others.  Our supporting thoughts for a person or situation change which has a snowball effect on our intentions which has a knock on effect to what we choose to do and the end result.

I would say let us all be visible, let us all stand together creating a framework of strength through knowing and understanding our weakness.  Weakness is only negative when hidden away through embarrassment or disapproval, we are all valid teachers [including children] we learn from each other willingly or not.

We can pretend to be accepting of others or open-minded by measuring our words, we can sometimes hide our true intentions verbally in fact some manage it for quite a while but through time and observing actions, all people shall be known.  There is no barrier from which you can hide the demise of your fellow-man and woman.

It is a fine lesson and one that will repeat itself until the end of time,

there is only love,

everyone is deserving of it,

if one is without then we are all without.

It’s a challenge to deflect negative feelings with a positive output, to remain composed, to not always want to win or get the last word in.

It isn’t easy at all, I’m still practicing

I sincerely hope if I fall down

that you’ll gracefully help me back to my feet.

Do something nice for yourself this week,

it’s time to smile 🙂




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