Sarah’s date 42~

Hey all

Just a quick post to let you know I have decided to finish my Sunday blogs, the pace of my life is changing and it would be silly of me not to move with it.  Next week I start a web design class, this mixed with On The Road Home – a short film endeavour funded by Northern Ireland Screen, Produced by Lamb Films and Directed by Richard Crawford will take up a good amount of my attention and of course my son will undoubtedly take the rest.

I would love it if you dropped by our Facebook or WordPress pages where you can find out more about our short film endeavour at,  Casting will take place shortly and video diaries will be posted on WordPress and Facebook.  Anyone who has an interest in the makings of a short film or just behind the scenes shenanigans should enjoy our footage! 🙂


Thank you for visiting my page, giving me your feed back on my thoughts/blogs and of course taking the time to read what I’ve had to say.


Wishing you all a happy week,

it would hang heavy if I didn’t leave you with a quote 😀




be well




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