So, yeah….


I’m smiling  🙂

It hasn’t been plain sailing but then what in life ever is!

And no, I have not arrived in fact I have yet to reach a destination,

[OMC’s How Bizarre jumps into my mind… “destination unknown, drivin’ down the highway in the hot, hot sun]

At least the sun is shining,

A better description would be – I’m in the mix.

Of what?

All the decisions I’ve ever made, all the things I’ve ever thought I wanted, countless moments of wishing.

Be careful what you ask for some have said, you may just get it.  On a more positive if not balanced note I give you Marilyn Monroe.


It’s quite an experience to live and be aware of your journey – at the very least be aware at different points – and realize while casting an eye, your choices have led you to where you find yourself now.

It’s a beautiful – sometimes painful – thing to pause looking at the people who surround you and know that you invited them in.   Maybe you didn’t physically open the door but through thought, perhaps naive wishing you find yourself face to face staring at a contorted dream .

Life can be bitter sweet,

Take the good with the bad is insightful but not particularly helpful, doesn’t prepare a person for the unknown.

– do you actually take the good with the bad

– do you walk away cutting potential before you’ve even started

– do you forsake your own character for someone else’s vision

Tough choices, you might look and think well those two are clearly the wrong way to go about it, whatever ‘it’ is!

I might disagree, above you have three choices all perhaps purposeful for different people at different stages in life.  I believe we all look for a variety of experiences as we grow, learn and evolve.

Whenever I have dared to say NEVER guess what, it has always come back to bite me in the ass, I have found myself doing what I said I never would.  It can be humbling, humiliating and unequivocally empowering.

The point would be to pick the option that serves you best, speaks of who you are.

There shouldn’t be any fear about the wrong decision because the wrong decision still teaches about the RIGHT kind of YOU.

Be well


[check out On The Road Home short film,]

Picture by John Maxwell []


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