Loving Local

Recently I’ve become increasingly aware of how important it is to promote and support local companies having had an insight into SEO through a company called WSI Digital Web http://www.wsidigitalweb.co.uk/.

There isn’t just one type of company that requires support, in a time, place where a lot of questions are now answered online more and more companies are getting with it by having professional sites designed, improved or optimized.  Think about it, if you want to eat somewhere different you Google restaurant listings, in fact that is now a commonly coined phrase “Google it”.

Apparently Google are playing havoc with local and perhaps larger companies search rankings.  A good SEO company can improve a companies ‘organic’ search rank which is not an easy task.  Google change their algorithms to improve their service http://moz.com/google-algorithm-change.  This often/ always off sets the progress a SEO company has made in raising their clients profile online.

So there’s a sort of battle, perhaps similar to a game of chess going on behind the scenes between Google and anyone else who does not pay a premium to be at the top of their world, their paid ads.

Whats this got to do with supporting local?  Well there is a broad spectrum of ways to optimize a companies profile online and I believe WE as the consumer can help.  Sadly more of us don’t realize the power we have by clicking, liking, sharing, leaving a comment, typing a quick blog etc.  You might be overwhelmed at the thought of leaving comments and blogs, liking and sharing for every single product or service that you buy.  But hold on I’m not suggesting you do that, in fact don’t feel compelled to do anything other than what makes you truly happy.  If that was a number 1 rule for more of us I believe we’d all be a lot better off!

You have favourite local companies, right?

Well why not begin to support them – more now than ever local companies need you to be aware of them, support them.  And if their services are good, excellent why not reward them by sharing your experience with others.

Why would other people care about your experience?

Well quite simply because your voice is as valid as any other persons 🙂

When we all “Google” a product, place to stay or eat we want to know the money we’ve all worked so hard to earn is going to be spent in the best place.  The ‘best’ place being whatever company you choose is better, for whatever reasons make sense to you.

I just had my car valeted for the first time EVER and I’m not sure I can properly express how happy it has made me.   Partly because my car doesn’t look too modern from the outside [’97 Toyota Corolla] and the inside well it hadn’t been professionally cleaned since the beginning of time, grimy would have been sugar-coating its appearance!  A local company Ultimate Perfection Car Care https://www.facebook.com/ultimateperfection.carcare?fref=ts sorted it out within a matter of hours, and its SMELLS so clean, it hasn’t ever smelt so good.  When I bought it I back in 2008 I remember thinking it had a hint of damp dog 😦 not anymore though!! Thank you Brad 😀

Promoting local businesses that offer great services helps put back into the community each of us live within.  It improves the lives of the people we live among, building happier communities is possible, this perhaps is a small step but a step none the less.

Regardless of where you live search out and support local artists, traders, film makers, markets, companies, cafe’s, restaurants etc.  Because in helping them we are in fact helping ourselves 🙂

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Love Local - url

Have a happy week



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