What is your design?

Well hello out there 🙂

It feels as though its been a long time, but not so long that I’ve forgotten how much I like to chat to the part of me that flips and expands to – all of you, whom ever may stumble across my wondering rambles.

So – YaY – its a New Year, I didn’t really want to do a blog for the 1st January, I was pretty sure there’d be all types of “Meet the New Year with a New Mind”, “Start a fresh for 2014” or “Make 2014 for your best year ever”.   There’s nothing wrong with these titles or even what they inspire rather I’m fully aware the New Year can sometimes seem quite daunting.

Surprisingly I felt rather peppy on the 1st January which is unusual in comparison to previous years.  My positivity came down to a variety of factors.  I have been accepted onto the Short Steps program run by Northern Ireland Screen, as a new writer this can only advance and strengthen any skill I may have.  I was told by someone, if I lived in Chicago they’d have given me a ‘ring’ by now – nice little compliment -however I don’t live in Chicago so I don’t suppose they’ll have to prove it, still not a bad start to the year 😀  My son transferred to a new school he is happier and opening up again which is a huge relief!  And I feel more content within myself, life has its challenges but I’m far more comfortable, confident in making the right decisions for me. [what a great feeling, yip yip yah]

There have been past years I’ve fallen into a trap of guilting myself into needing to be a better person.  Its all too easy to look at what you haven’t fixed opposed to looking at the progress you’ve made.  Yearly goals are great but they shouldn’t be used as a cricket/baseball bat to club yourself with come the end of the year.  Sometimes there can be forced feelings of needing to be happy, its expected because its a new year the world is your oyster after all!

Last year I had a notebook I enthusiastically scribbled goals in, yeah I was getting down with this spiritual visualizing my better world malarkey, each month Jan-Dec 2013 I was going to reach my goals dognamit!  End of December came, new year was rapidly approaching and I happened across the notebook.  I found myself ticking all the goals that had not been achieved, literally this was the majority of the page – my saving grace was that one goal actually happened, yes ONE.  I found myself laughing hysterically instantly realizing how unrealistic the majority of the goals had been.

A deeper awareness struck me – given my circumstances now while looking at what had not been achieved I felt blessed because these non-achievements would have negatively impacted me to a greater degree this time last year.  So you might ask slightly confused “what has changed then” and I would say “my mind”.

See I’m pretty sure your mind changing can mean two things (1) you begin to act completely different e.g to be a happier person I must change so that others no longer take me for granted or to minimise my anger/annoyance I must change how I react to certain situations.   But I also believe (2) a mind changing includes a persons capacity to better deal with Who They naturally Are.  Think of rolling out play-doh, lets pretend we’ve squished together different coloured strands.   To see the rainbow clearly you have to roll it up and down, lengthening it but also from side to side, widening it.  At various stages of life you may find, to be happier you have to stretch your thoughts and opinions, striving to better yourself your actions morph and change.  With this better self there is no need for new actions rather a deeper/expanding acceptance of Who You Are.

Ok – so all of the above is just lovely, isn’t it 🙂

Next question – What is your design?

I know, I know we’re not robots, but our matrix is quite beautiful, wouldn’t you agree.

Some of us may hold the same positions but we all carry out our roles differently.  I’m asking you to look at your design, look at your strengths, weaknesses, professional characteristic’s to casual interactions.  Do you heal quickly, are you flexible, can you work with people at all level’s of business or within society, are you an introvert, do you have genius capabilities, can you sell snow to an Eskimo?

Looking at all your talents and skills can your design be better utilized?

In better utilizing your design can you reach your full potential?

Does your happiness lie within the answer to either of the above questions?


I believe once you grasp the blue print of Who You Are the world opens up in a whole new way.


Changing the world verses laying yourself at it’s feet.

Why wouldn’t you have the world lay itself at your feet?

Perhaps grasping your blue print = the world laying itself at your feet, which = changing the world.

Who would’ve thought it

Smile, you might just increase your potential 🙂


A big thank you to Casey Kochmer, you can visit his website here —–>  http://personaltao.com/

If any of you get to Hawaii for a retreat before me I will be so green but very happy for you also 😀

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