A tear drop in an Ocean of dirty water



I did a Shamanic drumming meditation session with Julie Alessio from Personal Tao – http://personaltao.com/.  Julie is a great help with exploring the potential of dream work, spiritual signs, symbols or messages that come through for an individual while they dream or meditate.  We discussed what ‘a tear drop in an Ocean of dirty water’ could mean for me.  It was a message given to me by spirit as I meditated alone to the sound of Shamanic drums.

This reminded, drew me to a diary entry which I’d like to share;


Interesting question from – who are you?

It’s a question that can be as shallow or as deep as a person wants it to be.

I am 5 — I am Sarah — I am Sadie —

I am the beginning and the end —

I am you — I am whatever I choose to be —

To be or not to be —

I am afraid I will always have to be.

So this is personal to me and we could take many explanations of who I am, or what I think of myself or am I a positive or a negative person, and so on.

To me it speaks of a person who knows what they are, see’s themselves in others but is still searching.  There is nothing right or wrong about this stage or place.  We could dig deeper in to my diary insert or each of you could use some Shamanic drums to do a meditation session for yourselves 🙂

I happen to have a URL link for a YouTube video of Shamanic drumming, imagine that!  Or of course you could contact Julie Alessio via the Personal Tao website and have her help you along your journey of self-love and understanding.




Have a fabulous weekend 😀

be well






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