Talking up a storm

In my head opposed to out loud.  Out loud seems to make it feel real.

Of course saying words out loud to an empty room doesn’t make them anymore real than in your head after all some people believe our brains are constantly sending out signals which affect our lives.

If you’re speaking to people you’re allowing others to hear the noise in your head, depending on where you are with life this could be happy and positive, opening up potential or it could be angry and negative, closing down all communications.

Thoughts can be very personal, straight off the top of my head I can think of a question that usually makes people hesitate, stammer or shrug their shoulders the words don’t seem to want to come.  If you asked a four-year old they’d generally be more than happy to respond immediately, with exuberance even!  Somewhere from four to ten reality sets in, which is not the correct explanation at all, somewhere between four and ten we’re taught what is not possible.

Q: What do you want to be when you grow up?

Some of us will simply grunt a reply to this question, others will consider it and a small portion will immediately have an answer.   I know the last time I was asked this question I refused to answer it altogether! 😀

Thoughts could be described as the beginning and the end, the first step of creating is thinking, right?

As individuals we each have our own momentum, finding this movement within ourselves helps a great deal especially when understanding a situation and our role there in, helping us each to decide if we should speak out or keep stum.

It can feel as though our thoughts give us away, pin-point our position, they cast light on where a person has been, their present whereabouts or perhaps what they’re moving towards.  Some of us don’t enjoy being seen this clearly preferring to duck and weave our way through life or certain stages of it.

Guess I’ve been mulling over [lately] how worthwhile is to speak your mind?

I could convince myself continuously living in my head is a dismal, lonely state of affairs.  It would hold a person back wouldn’t it, never experiencing but instead always imagining in their head.  And if we’re creatures of habit the issue might not be living in our heads short-term but remaining there indefinitely!

However I realize there are instances were living in your head is a survival technique, it can save a person’s life because it keeps them going.  If living in your head is maintaining who you really are and that has been taken from you, I believe we could all comprehend a person choosing to live in their heads.

For instance say you once lived somewhere that had a beautiful garden, you where the gardener and you loved the smell and sight of your flowers in bloom but now you live facing a dank, grey brick wall, the only thing that lingers in the air is an unpleasant damp.

After watching I Am Slave – – I had no issues understanding why it might be preferable for some people to live in their heads to maintain who they are.  The thing is we’re not all slaves and I’m certainly not going to detract from the concept/intention of this movie by saying “yeah but aren’t we all modern slaves” – ugh – give yourself a shake would ya!

Back to  speaking out or staying stum – I could also convince myself a person who continuously speaks their mind is brave, free and open-minded.  Isn’t it a good thing to be honest and up-front, never leaving any doubt about the opinions swirling around your cranium?

Firstly not everyone who has something to say should be held with esteem and the people who speak the loudest don’t automatically have the better intentions.  Also if it’s the same person always speaking, they’re only experiencing one aspect of themselves, this type of person could actively seek to experience their quieter self.  Speaking your mind can be a sensitive topic – in fact what is the topic – is it any of your business, are you planning on saving the world with your mouth, perhaps you just want to valiantly shout out your love for another?

Hey if it’s the love thing shout it loud and shout it proud 😀

[Well unless the person you’re in love with is married to someone else, things might get a tad awkward after you’ve finished bellowing your heart-felt head-noise.]

I believe there is a negative under-tone to speaking your mind partly because we associate a quiet life with keeping our mouths shut.  Don’t ‘rock the boat baby’!  Are we programmed and do we unwittingly train our children that keeping quiet maintains the status quo?  We must all know by this stage in modern times that nothing in fact remains the same, whether you allow yourself to register subtle changes in nature the seasons to people your friends or technology in all industries.

When I hear “same shit different day” from someone I can’t help but think they’re limiting their life, they’ve given in to the grind and social stereotypes.  I haven’t yet heard anyone with a titter of wit say you must maintain the life you were born into.  Dare I be so bold – if you are unhappy with your life you may wish to consider – am I still living the life I was born into?  If you find after five minutes of soul-searching you are, I suggest you seriously consider going out and buying a new hat!  In laymen terms you might wanna think about somehow living your life differently.

So is there a conflict for many of us speaking our minds verses remaining quiet?

Depending on the communities we each are raised we usually have an innate understanding of what earlier generations have endured to keep a quiet life or to move life forward for the better.  You could even say it’s woven into us, we’re taught subconsciously as we grow, it’s why some women believe others should use their right to vote, it’s why we carry out a task this way instead of that way, it’s why these people don’t mix with those people, it’s why we solemnly bow our heads to remember – past regrets, fallen people or pray for strength during awful disasters.

We build up experiences that are handed down the line…

Also consequences of other people’s actions has a massive impact on our thoughts especially when one person or a group decide to make a stand and speak out!  And we’re always watching curious of the outcome.  We can turn the news on and see real turmoil or happy successful endeavors across the globe, we can grasp why people speak out and others stay quiet.

Do you think if we researched [separately] the outcome of positive and negative occurrences around the globe would there be any correlation between people speaking their minds or remaining silent? Could we connect all world events indirectly to people speaking their minds or remaining silent?

I’m just expanding the concept a little.

I would imagine if world events did hinge on people speaking out or being silent, we might have all misplaced the importance of knowing the right the time to respond.  There can be equal strength in noise and silence, especially when we take large numbers of people.

I believe knowing the right time, gauging the momentum within yourself helps to maximize the strength of an individual or group of people.

And we could apply this to a group of sales people for Virgin Mobile, because there will be a time to speak to the customer and a time to listen which should maximize selling power.  We could apply it to the people, militant groups or the government in the Ukraine, Russia or other countries knowing when to make noise so that the rest of the world turns their heads but then remain silent so’s not to give away a strategic position.  We could apply it to countless environmental rallies around the world or perhaps you’d just like more public bins in your local park because there is a scandalous amount of dog mess being left by dog owners.

Now wouldn’t it be wildly interesting if there was a correlation between people within different countries making a stand, if we all possessed the ability to gauge the right time to respond to any small or large issue that effected us and our community.  Of course I’m not comparing protests for extra public bins to the situation in Ukraine, it would be crass to do so.

What I’m saying is not every country and the people there in experience friction, confusion, unsettlement in the same way.  We can not compare the pain many people suffer on a daily basis around the globe, the variables are way too complex – it makes my head want to explode – the biggest common denominator for us all is that we are in pain.  From nutrition, health, child care, being over-worked, under-paid, cost of living, loss of jobs, police, army, government force and it goes on.

If we all experienced the same pain we could stand up against the source of that pain, if we understood the direction of its stealthy approach we could turn together to face it.  We would surely understand and see each other so much more clearly…


… it might be like in the movies – I silently whisper in my head –

… you know just like when the good guys win in the end – I well up, there’s a faint smell of floral, gazing at a dank wall, I imagine beautiful flowers.


find the power within.








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