It’s getting hot in here

Wish I could simply ‘take off all my clothes’ but that is not going to make it any better!

I’m beginning to realize the depth to which most of us don’t know our arse from our elbows, if you’ll excuse the term, it’s a colloquialism where I come from.

I began my evening with a mediocre movie on Netflix, blah, I had the night off you see and didn’t have a clue what to do.  I should have been working on a low-budget horror script but hey apparently that will come when it’s ready!

I began with good intentions, don’t we all, I went to my YouTube account to pick some music to set the tone, I usually bypass all the recommended video’s they’re too much of a distraction.  I go straight to what I know I want, after all I’m a strong-minded person!

Anyway I’m drawn to look over what YouTube has on offer and I notice MC Hammer, yes he was in my recommendations 😀 so I click on Too Legit To Quit.  I LOVE the choreography, it also sounds like a title created by someone who is travelling from the unknown and working hard to be who they are – a legitimate artist.  Something I perhaps thought I would connect with.


The song ended and my curiosity grew as I glanced my options on the right side of the website, I register there seems to be a lot of video’s on Illuminati and the music industry?  Mr Mark Dice has a whole YouTube channel on it, before I realize I’ve went through Jay-Z, Beyoncé, Jesus Fan, Tupac, Bob Marley – I should have stopped while I was ahead, by the time I reach Muammar Gaddif my head is spinning.   I’ll just get straight to it, I wasn’t 100% on the Illuminati and am slightly peeved the pentagram appears to have a negative connotation attached to it.  The pentagram has appealed to me on many occasion for protection, in a white light and love kinda way.  Hopefully it’s understood that the symbol is neither good or evil, the person wielding it carries the intention.

So I haven’t watched television for some years now, I’m not up to date on pop stars, celebrities, soaps or sitcoms when it comes to world matters I hear about issues through family, other people talking or online.  I’ll research further anything that I’m drawn too.  Thing is I’m not naturally drawn to world matters, they seem to exclusively involve the death, manipulation or torture of the  vast majority of humans, animals and earths vegetation.  Sadly in modern times we still need charities such as WaterAid because we can’t manage to provide the simplest of basic rights for all people – drinkable water, to name but one.

The video clips allowed me to comprehend – after my ‘come down’ of fear and negativity – in cutting myself off from daily television I have become naïve to the manner in which we can all be tricked by the media.  It’s safe to say I didn’t enjoy the feeling.  Hugely interesting is how my mind processed the different perspectives of music stars and political leaders.  As a result I will be rethinking my playlist!  Tupac for example in one interview called on people to listen to the lyrics, I feel I’ve let that good advice slip somewhat.  I had to take a breath, seeing footage of Muammar Gaddif hearing some of his speeches for the first time in comparison to the second-hand information I’d been given.   When you see others across the world struggling, trying to make a stand, a difference because of political situations you could be forgiven for wondering why you seem to have it easy or forgiven for thanking the heavens you aren’t where those people are, facing what they’re facing.

I brought my mind back to my house,

let me whisper a fear in your ear…

I thought I had been tested – past tense

It dawns on me there are more important decisions that lay ahead ~ release ~

The World is in too much of a fragile state to simply sit down and have ‘cocktails by the pool’ – pity that, I was always quite partial to a Mia Tia :/

I’ll continue then to put one foot in front of the other with grace and good intention.

I’ll have a pentagram at my side, maybe I’ll tattoo it on my bottom, just so’s to know my arse from my elbow!


This picture was copy & pasted from


White light and love




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