My Mum

Turned sixty today, Happy Birthday Mum, I put together a photo book which she seemed to like.  And even though it can be a challenge for a budding beginner creator, it is worthwhile.  I used Snapfish and I have to say the quality was great and the customer service is spot on, believe me when I tell you – I’m difficult to impress!

So all the rooting through old photo’s was for my mum, when the photo book arrived I couldn’t stop myself from thinking how can I make this more personal, I obviously felt the pictures of her weren’t enough? 🙂

I had friends and family sign the book, calligraphed a Druid Triad at the back of the book along with a poem I had written her back in 1999.  Probably one of my very first poems.  I don’t think I need to explain it, I’m as subtle as a brick through a window.

Here is the Triad;

There are three whose full reward can never be given to them: parents, a good teacher, and the Mighty Ones.

My poem doesn’t have a title:

It seems so ironic
that the women I put so much
effort into not liking or getting on with
during my younger years 
should be the only one to help me now.
Although I’ve become used to 
not hugging or kissing her,
her voice to this day
like it did so many times
soothes me.
I never usually come out
with the right words but
they’re in my head – honest
My mouth doesn’t follow the command
someday, perhaps you’ll read my diary
and find the harsh language
I used in my hot displeasure
but I could never put into words
to you mum
how much I care for you
But only because my mouth won’t follow the command.

 The beginning, the middle but never the end xox



One thought on “My Mum

  1. with a little rehearsal
    i imagine beautiful continuations
    in the direction of the past
    and in the direction of the future
    fully hearing their shared love
    in the present moment 🙂

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